Beauty Chase

society told her she was ugly and she bought into the lie she dissected every bit of herself for judgmental inspection and tried to feel beautiful all in vain comparing herself to photoshopped figures on a magazine page I saw the sadness in her eyes as she flipped through the shit they use sexualized bodies to advertise subliminal brainwash since birth that writes on the mind I want her to feel beautiful in the body she was born with feel happy in her skin never satisfied with the body she is in compliments never do shit so where do I begin she points at bodies she says are perfect not knowing that she is too sadness blooms as she starts to slip downward spiral spin cuts down on meals to be thin but I can already fucking see her ribs its disgusting and sick the way the world is she made up her mind about the beauty she can't find its chiseled and set in stone she doesn't let go all my compliments bounce back like an echo she knows I mean them but it takes more than reminders she has to know it for herself and believe it as truth I search for the answer for how to help and try to piece together clues then I ask myself what can I do I want to rip apart the magazines destroy the ads on TV clear store shelves of all the barbies and replace all the images we see she has a goal to be thin like there is a perfect weight she takes a few bites before she pushes away the plate chasing personal goals of perfection in a never ending race I count each rib when she goes to stretch her arms and die inside seeing the way societal pressures harm it sounds danger alarms but I don't know how to help the gorgeous angel in my sites never sees the beauty for herself I hope that one day she will so the damage done will be erased and she will no longer judge herself based on the models on a page or on the TV screens the barbies from her youth effecting childhood dreams I dream of a day where she will stop hurting and look into a mirror then finally say that she is perfect

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Bryan N
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