A Woman and Her So-Called "Girly Parts": The Shaving Dilemma

Pubic hair has become kind of a controversial topic, especially among feminists, who seem to have gotten a reputation for being, well… hairy. But with so little exposure in porn and in the media to what an actual average female looks like… what can we say really? Who knows how many women shave? As far as I know, nobody’s done a poll or drawn up statistics. No one seems to be talking.

Google pubic hair and you’ll find several resources… some of them rather intriguing (You can style it in a Mohawk! You can dye it pink!) but none informative. When women talk about shaving with other women, they often use terrible euphemisms: “shaving the girly parts,” “pruning the garden,” “clearing the entrance,” and so on.

A lot of the anti-shaving argument stems from the idea that shaving is another expression of the male-created archetype of female beauty, mainly through porn. And if you look at porn, few women have any hair at all, usually if they do it’s a thin little strip or extremely well-kept triangle.

I recently had a discussion with my mother who told me that a real woman never removes her public hair, not beyond the crease of the thigh anyways. She told me to “let it grow, let it grow.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was too late. That eleven months ago on a fateful New Year’s Eve, I did the deed.

For the first ten minutes after I was extremely upset with myself. “What a stupid idea,” it looked so different so foreign, “That is not my frickin vagina!” But then I saw it in the mirror. Felt my vagina’s presence more than ever had before. And I grew to love it. I’ve kept shaving it since, loving the feeling. It helped put me in touch with my own body.

Many women who shave do it for their husbands or boyfriends. Personally, I haven’t had a male voice dictating what it wants. However, from the stories I’ve heard, men seem to be way too opinionated about the subject.

So my question for all of you: Is there a good way or bad way for a woman to approach shaving? Is shaving your pubes un-feminist? And what do you think is more common? Let’s get talking.

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Sheridan T
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