A Walking Chest

I was on an online forum when I saw that a girl asked the question: "Girls: would your life be easier without boobs?"

I thought about this for a moment. My chest is awkwardly large, a pain when it comes to shopping for shirts (or bras). And I'm sick of boys staring at my chest, seeing me as nothing more then a walking pair of boobs and making lude comments. On the other hand boys who don't stare are worth my time and boobs do feed babies.

So I answered her question with a well thought out answer. My mistake.

Every girl who answered said something along the lines of: "OH GAWD NO! I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!" "They attracts boys! So of COURSE I need them, how else would I get boys?" "EW! I dont want to be one of those ugly flat chested girls!!"

OH! But luckily there were some guys who decided to answer too! "For every girl who says her life would be easier without boobs I'll die a little inside" "Uh...what else are girls for?" "heh heh BOOBS! YEAH!!!!" and so on (some of their comments are too disgusting for me to repeat).

A few minutes later there was a reply to my answer: "Um, what do you mean 'feed babies'? That's not what boobs are for! That's what formula is for! Boobs arn't utters! they are for boys to look and play with! (this came from a girl). Really? ...Seriously? WTF?

This reminded me of a story I read on 007b.com (a wonderful site that contains information about breasts) where a girl in a UNIVERSITY was disgusted when her professor told her that women's breasts were made to feed babies. She had gone her whole life not knowing what breasts were actually for! After I read this I thought "no way! They MUST be exaggerating." I did think that, until the girl from the forum showed me otherwise.

I cant believe this. I mean I KNOW some girls aren't feminists, but that so many of them thought the same thing as horny teenage boys (to an extent) completely shocked me. I was even more shocked to find out that many girls STILL don't know what breasts are actually for! People never cease to amaze me.

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