A Modern Rant on Modern Feminism

The past few days I’ve noticed some hating going on towards modern feminism on tumblr, and hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but it still frustrates me. I don’t think people really understand what modern feminism is and that there’s still reasons to fight, even if it’s not necessarily the reasons of the 60's. I mean, I didn’t even really understand what modern feminism was until about a year ago.

People hear the word feminism and associate it with the fight to stay out of the kitchen. It’s just not. I mean, if you want to talk feminism and the kitchen, feminism believes it’s a woman’s choice to stay in or out of the kitchen. I for one, try to avoid the kitchen at all costs because I can hardly make a grilled cheese correctly. But, if I was a good cook, I’d always be slavin’ away at the oven because I have the appetite of an infant and need to eat every three hours. But alas, my cooking skills are sub par. ANYWAY, I’m really hungry, so we’re just going to move onto the big picture.

The big picture is, that yes women can vote, and yes they don’t have to stay home and not get an education if they don’t want to. But equal? Nah.

We live in a world where the majority of males thinks it’s okay to be degrading and beep, yell, whistle, etc at us. Can’t a girl get a vege roll and a side of fries from Big Gary’s without every Tom, Dick, and Larry giving her the “I obviously have a small dick” salute? We still live in a world where women are portrayed as helpless, the damsels in distress, and oh my, she’s not married? What’s wrong with her?

For christ’s sake, we live in a world where it’s advisable to carry pepper spray in your purse because some douchebag thinks he’s entitled to rape you because you’re walking home alone in the dark. We live in a society where a girl has too much to drink and is taken advantage of by a guy who had too much to drink and HER faults are pointed out.

The real heartbreaking thing here is, we still live in a world where (in America), someone is raped every two minutes. And since 97 percent of rape victims are women, every two minutes, it’s usually a woman getting raped. And domestic violence? That’s happening just as frequently too, and it’s almost always happening to women.

How can you know this is happening and not believe there is a need for change?

Look, people are entitled to their opinions and it’d be awesome if more women cared about feminism, but realistically, not every woman can be convinced. So you may go on with your day and not think twice about the concept of modern feminism. But until women are making more than 70 cents to the man’s dollar and until marriage dowries aren’t taking place almost every day… please do not belittle the cause. You may not be fighting for the cause, but the cause is fighting for you.

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Courtney F
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