11 for '11: Eleven Ways to Fight for Human Rights and Social Justice in 2011

Human rights org Breakthrough has announced eleven ways that individuals can help fight for human rights in 2011, recommending eleven unique actions, many supported by activist and nonprofit organizations. The Breakthrough eleven for eleven range from encouraging acceptance and tolerance among children, to helping to end violence against women, to participating in Breakthrough’s video and Twitter contest, I AM THIS LAND, looking for new visions of a more tolerant and accepting America, going on now atwww.iamthisland.org.

The Breakthrough eleven for eleven are below:

1. Read for Good: Take a cue from Reading to End Racism of Colorado and talk to your local library about volunteering to host a reading group for kids. Choose books with a positive message of acceptance and encourage dialogue about their experiences.

2. Spend More Time on Facebook: Already connected with everyone from your second grade class? Move on to Jumo, a website that will connect you to organizations matched to your do-good interests. After logging in with your Facebook account, answer a few questions about the things you care about and Jumo will search through the 3,500 organizations to find the ones that align most. On a weekly basis they will send you updates on your chosen organizations and what they’re doing on the Internet - everything from Twitter to YouTube.

3. Drink Wine to Give Water: Gather your friends and host a party to benefit Wine to Water, an organization dedicated to helping provide clean water to the more than 1 billion people in the world who do not have access to it. Invite your friends to your home, ask that everyone contribute a small amount and spend the rest of the night talking about how happy you are to have clean water.

4. Give a Little, Do a Lot: If you’d like to help those Americans around you that are suffering in this difficult economy, visit Modest Needs, which enables individuals to request grants to help Americans facing unexpected bills, the newly and temporarily unemployed, helping the disabled to live independently, and to help small nonprofits. All grant requests are rigorously researched by the organization to ensure legitimacy.

5. Live the DREAM: The proposed DREAM Act will help young U.S. residents become legal citizens. Learn more about the DREAM Act in 2011.

6. Make Gay Marriage a Reality: Learn more about campaigns for gay marriage that help same-sex couples to gain rights of marriage, like social security benefits and hospital visitation. Sign on to support campaigns from Freedom to Marry and Human Rights Campaign.

7. Help End Stereotypes: Do your part to help end stereotypes and intolerance in the United States by talking to your friends and family about the small-scale intolerance that happens on a daily basis. And make an official pledge to “promote greater understanding and acceptance” during Characters Unite Month. For each pledge made, The USA Network will donate $1 to their nonprofit partners.

8. Host an Un-birthday Party: One in eight people in our world don’t have access to the most basic of human needs—water. By helping just one, you can make a difference. Instead of gifts, ask your loved ones for donations to charity:water.

9. Talk it Out: Host a screening with friends and talk about religious tolerance. Organizations such as 20,000 Dialogues encourage community dialogues and provide films so you can talk about issues of religion and acceptance in your community.

10. Fight Domestic Violence: Take a cue from the Bell Bajao! campaign initiated by Breakthrough and do your part to end violence against women. Learn more about the International Violence Against Women Act.

11. Make a video for I AM THIS LAND: Embrace the diversity that is this country and use technology to promote religious tolerance, equality and racial justice. Make a video on diversity using the phrase “I am this land,” and enter it in the I AM THIS LAND contest. The grand prize includes $2,500!

Originally posted on B-listed

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