Who We Are

Loreen Arbus Board Member Emerita

Loreen Arbus is the first woman in the United States to head programming for a national network, which she has done for both Showtime and Cable Health Network/Lifetime Television. Arbus has an extensive history in the entertainment industry, having been a writer and producer, a consultant to various networks, and an executive in network television, cable, syndication, and print media. Arbus trained at ABC, and later became vice president of original programming for Showtime. She later became head of programming for Cable Health Network, the twenty-four-hour network that evolved into Lifetime Television. Having helped to establish two cornerstones of cable television, Arbus went out on her own and launched Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc., an independent television production company with an emphasis on nonfiction programming. The author of six books; a celebrated tango teacher, performer and choreographer; a composer and artist, she thrives on setting new goals for herself. Arbus is a member of the Writers Guild, Authors Guild, SAG, and AFTRA.