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Women’s Media Center Statement: Komen Foundation VP Karen Handel Resigns

| February 7, 2012

The Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure will clearly be a contender for media debacle of the year and the architect of that disastrous decision, former Komen VP Karen Handel, deserved to lose her position. 

Regardless of Karen Handel’s statement to the media it should be clear that she had to resign because she seriously damaged Komen Foundation’s reputation. After having driven Komen’s reputation off a cliff, Handel continues to insist that her work was not at fault and that her decision to change Komen’s grant-making policies to specifically exclude Planned Parenthood was the correct one to make. This is a delusion belied by the public’s reaction to her politicizing the Komen Foundation’s great work. Handel’s personal politics aside, it was her work for the Komen Foundation that was a failure for the organization, which is why she rightly resigned. 

We hope with Handel’s resignation the Komen Foundation will no longer allow the ideological leanings of individuals to get in the way of their greater mission of fighting cancer and that they will continue to listen to the public’s insistence that Planned Parenthood’s work is part of that mission. 

–Julie Burton, Women’s Media Center President