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Women's Media Center Responds To Hugh Hefner's Statement: "Women are sex objects.&quo

August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010 (New York) - Hugh Hefner’s comment to the NY Daily News directly contradicts the politics of equality and freedom he claims to champion. It reveals that he doesn't know the difference between "subject" and "object," and doesn't understand the dangers of objectifying human beings.  Popular media’s widespread objectification of women impacts everything from sexual harassment, inequity in pay and power, to various forms of violence,  and to assert that media has no effect such issues is ludicrous. It’s simply not enough to espouse some progressive politics backstage, while peddling sexist images and speech on a global scale. The Women's Media Center calls on all media makers to take responsibility for the impact their messages have on our lives. To speak with Women’s Media Center President Jehmu Greene, please contact Yana Walton, (212) 563-0680,