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Women’s Media Center Calls for Apology from MN Republican Group for Posting Sexist Video

August 18, 2010

August 18. 2010 (New York) - An outrageous lapse in judgment was made by the Republican Party of the 56th district of Minnesota yesterday when they posted a highly offensive YouTube video that plays the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" over unflattering pictures of Democratic women, after first playing the song "She's a Lady" over Republican women’s pictures. This incident is symptomatic of a larger illness: the widespread sexism and objectification of women in politics. Though the video clearly prefers Republican women over Democratic women, it does a disservice to women across the political spectrum by evaluating them solely based on their appearances rather than on their merits or platforms. The group has since taken the video off its website due to attention the Minnesota Independent drew by exposing it publicly, but the Women's Media Center calls upon this group to not merely take back this offensive video, but to make a public apology.  Furthermore, the Women's Media Center urges all political parties to take this opportunity to pledge to avoid participating in similar sexist attacks, and encourages media to continue to actively fight them in the future. To speak with Women’s Media Center President Jehmu Greene, please contact Yana Walton, (212) 563-0680,