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Women Still Scarce on Sunday Morning

June 14, 2010

Women are still scarce on Sunday morning news shows, says Politico today, citing soon-to-be-published research from American University’s Women & Politics Institute. No surprise to Women’s Media Center President Jehmu Greene -- and we continue to hold media accountable. Expect a longer response from us soon, but in the meantime, here is her quote: "It’s high time for Sunday morning news shows to take responsibility for their “men-in-suits mind-set” rather than blaming women who have been underrepresented and disregarded for decades. Still, producers continue to reject accountability for the lack of diversity, resorting to a laundry list of meaningless justifications, including our underrepresentation in Congress, time zone issues, and even diva-baiting Speaker Pelosi. Enough with the excuses. "While it’s a positive step forward that media outlets recognize the gender disparity on Sunday morning, there are qualified women available, and producers need to book them. The Women’s Media Center represents hundreds of experts available on every issue from beltway politics to foreign policy to financial reform. The solution is clear."