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Women Pose Questions They Would Ask at Presidential Debates

September 22, 2008

Show Me the Women!! The Women’s Media Center invited readers to submit questions to be asked of Senators Obama and McCain at the upcoming Presidential Debate! We want to hear from you on issues that matter to, and affect, women. To submit your question, click here.

Listed below are some questions that have already been submitted. Feel free to comment below, or contribute your own debate questions!

"Please explain how you will ensure that working women in America will receive equal pay for equal work if you are elected. We'd like to hear not only your proposals, but the ways in which you'd enforce them, and how you'd fund that enforcement."

"In 2005, the Deficit Reduction Act cut out a specification in Medicaid that allowed hundreds of clinics to provide contraception to women at a substantially discounted rate. Though legislation has repeatedly been introduced to remedy this crisis, solutions have been cut out of greater bills each time, and many women remain without access to affordable contraception. This is only one aspect of the many issues plaguing women in this country; if you were elected president, what would you do to address problems like these?"

"In light of the new "consience rule" proposed by HHS and the current administration which will make it harder for women in small cities to have access to all reproductive options, how do you plan to alter the Bush Faith Based funding initiative?"

"There is an online initiative to petition, you, the candidates, to commit to establishing a Presidential Commission for Gender Equality as one of your first acts as our next President. Will you commit to establishing such a commission. If so, what issues would be highlighted on your commission?"

"Much has been said during this election season about sexism in our country. Senator Obama, you were silent while Sen. Clinton experienced rampant sexism during the primary season, and reports say that you pay your female staffers less than the male. Senator McCain, you said in 2000 that making abortion illegal would result in the death of many women due to unsafe procedures, but now you oppose abortion and say you would try to overturn Roe v. Wade. Further, you picked a vice president who is against abortion even for rape victims. Given these records of failing to stand up for women's rights, what will you do as President to change this pattern and be an advocate for equality?"

"'America's dirtiest little secret' is that batterers quite often get custody of children in the US family court system. When is this dirty little secret going to be found out? Battered women deserve to be believed by judges, not regarded as vindictive liars trying to retaliate. Battered women deserve to have their children, not to have them handed over to abusive fathers who claim the mothers "alienate" them. Battered women deserve a voice, plain and simple."

"Our Justice system has excluded most of the population by being too expensive, protracted, and irrational benefiting only the insiders with huge income while devastating lives. What will you do to correct the judicial system allowing fair access to the citizens."

"Why are you advocating tax cuts for anyone when this will only leave the burdens of our decisions on the shoulders of our children?"

"The day you become president, what will be the five most important items on your to-do list?"

For more info on the WMC's Show Me the Women campaign, click here.