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Women Bloggers Capture Roeder Trial

January 29, 2010

The WMC gives props to Carolyn Marie Fugit for her precise and vivid coverage on RH Reality Check of the five-day trial of Scott Roeder, who was convicted today of Dr. George Tiller’s murder. She recounts his chilling testimony where she writes, “He feels no regret for killing Dr. Tiller. And after he did, he simply tried to go home, at one point even thinking he would go to work the next day.” Adele Stan at AlterNet also sheds light on the Roeder proceedings and gets to the heart of how abortion providers are demonized via Pat Robertson’s 700 Club – which Roeder names as the source of his Christian awakening. For additional commentary on the trial, check out Monday’s WMC Exclusive, written by Dr. Jennifer Kerns, “Dr. George Tiller: A Legacy of Trust."