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WMC Tribute, Jehmu in the News, Vote for Courtney Martin

November 6, 2009

Thanks to all of our supporters who turned out on Monday, November 2 for the passing of the baton at a reception for me as I prepare to move on to other projects (although none could be as wonderful as the WMC!). I got to introduce Jehmu Greene, our incoming president. WMC Co-founder Gloria Steinem was there to oversee the transition -- board members Gloria Feldt, Loreen Arbus and Teresa McBride were among the participants. So many thanks to all those who sent in tributes. The WMC is in excellent hands with Jehmu who officially takes over  the WMC and its terrific staff on November 16: Media Director Tristin Aaron, Media Manager Rebekah Spicuglia, Philanthropic Partnerships Officer Maya Iwata, our Administrative Coordinator Rachell Arteaga, Web Content Editor Mary Thom, video production consultant Leslie Von Pless -- and out great interns: Tahira Pierre-Cadet and Catherine Epstein. They are all doing a superb job.   I'm happy to remain in an advisory role to this important organization. We thank you for your continued support -- please donate if you can so this great team can do even more to make women visible and powerful in the media.

Jehmu in the News! We had a banner week here at the WMC as our announcement of our new president Jehmu Greene was met with lots of buzz and attention. Covered by Ms. Magazine, Mediabistro, Broadcasting & Cable, Reuters, AOL, USA Today, Yahoo, MSN, and with pieces coming soon in, and -- people are definitely excited! Jehmu was also on Laura Flanders' GritTV this week discussing the one-year anniversary of the election with Katrina vanden Heuvel, Mark Green, and Jane Hamsher.  Make sure to look out for her next week on PBS's groundbreaking show for women in politics, news & media, To The Contrary , giving viewers a deeper look at the WMC.  Air times TBA; check the Majority Post for more info. Courtney Martin: Finalist in America's Next Great Pundit Contest This week The Washington Post announced the ten finalists for their America's Next Great Pundit contest. With almost 5000 entries, PWVer and close friend to the WMC Courtney Martin rose to the top, and The Post published her first essay this week, with a second Op-ed to come also this week. The winner will have the opportunity to write op ed columns for The Washington Post for thirteen weeks, starting in November. The ten finalists will be voted on by the public beginning Saturday, Nov 7 at 8 am, so remember to vote Courtney this weekend!  Click here to vote. WMC Video Journalism Project Thanks to generous funding from The Harnisch Foundation, The Women's Media Center is launching a video journalism project in November.  We will be training our inaugural group to incorporate video into their work to both enhance their marketable skill sets and modernize their delivery of news for new media. With a one-day intensive workshop on flip camera filming and online reporting, participants will be taking their journalistic skills to the next level.  Keep an eye on The Women's Media Center website in the coming months as we publish their work! WMC Essential Reads As always, we urge you to read our commentaries-written by women, for women, about women -- that you won't find anywhere else in media. Precious Star Claims the Spotlight By Emily Wilson November 5, 2009 With the confidence of a seasoned performer, Gabourey Sidibe portrays a particular character with universal appeal. The movie, based on a Sapphire novel, opens in limited release on Friday. At the UN, Criminalizing Rape as a Weapon By Bia Assevero November 3, 2009 In the last week of October, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made headlines and sparked anger in travels to Israel and Pakistan. Her role some weeks earlier was less controversial yet critically important, as she led UN diplomats forward in an action that could ease the suffering of countless women and girls living in conflict zones around the world. Living With Disability -- And Recession By Jewelles Smith October 28, 2009 The U.S. Congress designated October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. From an international perspective, the author explains how economic hard times are particularly harsh for women with disabilities. From Media Blitz to Women's Conference: Has Maria Shriver Discerned a Watershed Moment? By Marianne Schnall October 26, 2009 A Time magazine cover story and a week of programming on NBC immediately followed the release of The Shriver Report. This week, California's First Lady will use the findings to engage participants in her annual conference on women. If the continuing activity fails to "ignite a national conversation," it won't be for lack of planning and effort. Chronic Illness and Health Care Reform: I'm Too Tired to Fight This By Myself By Jenni Prokopy October 23, 2009 Health care reform, crucial to all of us, is especially important to the chronically ill, who need coverage of "maintenance medicine"-everyday care that can be guaranteed in a national system. The author is doing all she can, but she needs some help. "Why Aren't You Smiling, Honey?" By Suzanne Braun Levine October 22, 2009 The media and the blog world have been discussing women's "happiness" quotient since a headlined Huffington Post item offered cumulated poll data indicating they weren't. The author, who writes about and speaks to women now in their fifties and sixties, reports that she hears quite a different story. The Inflection Point for the World's Girls and Women By Roxanne Mankin Cason October 21, 2009 The author is attending a global seminar this week in Salzburg, "Smart Change: Investing in Women and Girls, Leveraging Philanthropy for Global Impact," to produce an international agenda for action. She argues that, in terms of gender, the world has reached an "inflection point," when old patterns collapse and new ones emerge. Until next week! In the meantime be sure to check in with us at for the latest -- and help us make women visible and powerful by supporting our programs.

With warmest wishes, Carol Jenkins WMC President PS -- As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and become WMC fans on Facebook ! You can also follow my own tweets by clicking here.