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WMC President Jehmu Greene Joins the Strategy Room (VIDEO)

June 10, 2010

WMC President Jehmu Greene joined Fox News' live videocast The Strategy Room to discuss the midterm election outcomes. It was a big night for women candidates, with wins for Blanche Lambert, Nikki Haley, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina - but those victories leave women more susceptible to sexist attacks. As Jehmu states, "Unfortunately, with the number of women who were able to survive their primaries  last night, we now have more of an opportunity to have a lot of sexist attacks happening...and its going to be up to us and the media to stop that and at the Women's Media Center, we're going to push back and make sure we're holding everyone accountable." Jehmu goes on to say that in order to get new voices and new candidates into the pipeline, we must not allow corporations to have so much influence and the current issues facing the country are providing new opportunities to do things differently. "Clearly, the loss of jobs, the loss of the economy in the Gulf Coast - this is an opportunity, this crisis is an opportunity and we all - democrats, republicans, progressives, conservatives; whatever side you're on - Tea Party, we do a SheParty at the Women's Media Center on Twitter - whatever side you're with, this is an opportunity." Watch highlights of Jehmu's appearance below, and check out her post on the big election wins as women candidates continue to gain ground - with the help of Women’s Campaign Forum and others.