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WMC News Brief: Washington Post, Sarah Palin, Haitian Women

January 14, 2010

Dramatic Rise In Women Ambassadors, And How The Washington Post Treats The Story 1/11/10 RH Reality Check: The good news: An increasing number of ambassadors posted to Washington are women. The bad  news: The Washington Post, which covered this story on the front page in print, buried it in the "arts and living" section of its online edition. Palin's Fox News Deal A Political Sign? 1/11/10 CNN: One-time Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may have sent a clear message to the political world, analysts say, by signing a deal to become a TV commentator: that she's unlikely to run in the 2012 presidential race. Why "Women And Children First" Persists 1/13/10 Salon: Beyond the desperate scramble to deliver basic aid to the people of quake-ravaged Haiti, there are attempts under way to specifically help women and children. It may seem outmoded, but they are typically the ones most vulnerable following a catastrophe like Tuesday’s earthquake. Inequality In Late Night: Five White Guys Walked Into A Studio... 1/13/10 The Huffington Post: Steve Allen. Jack Paar. Johnny Carson. Jay Leno. Conan O'Brien. What do you notice? Five white dudes. Funny dudes, yes, talented dudes. But it's time to get with the program. Robina Tapped To Lead TV Guide Network Programming 1/14/10 Broadcasting and Cable: TV Guide Network has named Diane Robina executive VP of development, acquisitions and programming strategy. Robina will continue to serve as president of FearNet, the multiplatform JV owned by Comcast, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Television. Magazines Lost A Fourth Of Their Ad Pages In 2009 1/12/10 The New York Times: Between 2008 and 2009, magazines lost, on average, one-quarter of their ad pages — the worst drop in the decade of data that the bureau, which measures virtually all major American magazines, had readily available. 'Game Change' Holds Out Women For Particular Contempt 1/13/10 The Huffington Post: "Game Change"’s greatest contribution to politics may be that it simply demonstrates that the political discourse is largely moderated by a fraternity of mediocrity. In Health Reform, Abortion Not The Only Fight 1/12/10 RH Reality Check: The healthcare bill currently headed for conference committee station in Congress is troubling to progressives on several accounts, but for women, it will have the ironic effect of making a medical procedure less accessible. High Court Bans TV, Youtube From Prop. 8 Trial 1/14/10 San Francisco Chronicle: The U.S. Supreme Court pulled the plug Wednesday on plans for camera coverage of the same-sex marriage trial in San Francisco and said any televising of federal court proceedings should start with a more humdrum case. 'We've Gotten A Lot Done,' Michelle Obama Says Of Year One As First Lady 1/14/10 The Washington Post: In a meeting with print reporters on Wednesday, the First Lady listed her work with military families, the planting of the White House Kitchen Garden and the launch of an East Wing mentoring program for young women as key accomplishments. Clinton Diplomacy Emphasizes Women's Rights 1/13/10 Winston-Salem Journal: Rarely does Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton venture abroad without pushing the case for "women empowerment," a signature issue of her nearly one-year tenure as the top U.S. diplomat. How Scott Brown Is Closing Gap On Martha Coakley In Senate Race 1/13/10 The Christian Science Monitor: Scott Brown has used healthcare reform and homeland security to his advantage in Massachusetts. Martha Coakley’s campaign, meanwhile, has been widely criticized for complacency. White House Opposes Harold Ford's Challenge To Gillibrand 1/11/10 New York Times: The White House made it clear on Monday that it opposed the prospect of Harold E. Ford Jr.’s running for the United States Senate in New York - challenging Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand in this fall's Democratic primary - even as Mr. Ford, the former Tennessee congressman, showed no signs of being deterred. In Subprime Fallout, Women Take Heavy Hit 1/14/10 Women’s eNews: Mortgage lending data doesn't track a borrower's gender as well as her credit history. But an extensive research analysis suggests women have been unfairly stuck with subprime "toxic" debt said to be for high-risk borrowers. More Older Women Coming Out As Lesbians 1/14/10 Kansas City Star: As being gay gains more acceptance, far fewer gays and lesbians have felt the need to be closeted. But we seem to hear more often about middle-aged women who have married and raised families announcing they are lesbians than we hear about men in the same situation coming out as gay. Marriage: Black Brothers, Where Art Thou? 1/12/10 NPR: Reports abound on the numbers of successful black women who aren't able to find a suitable husband. So we ask black men: Why aren't you marrying black women? Miep Gies Was The Last Link To Anne Frank, And Her Loss Is Tough For Many Women 1/13/10 The Washington Post: Miep Gies died on Monday, and another chapter in Anne Frank's legacy has ended. As the girls who loved Anne Frank grew up, they became women who loved Miep Gies, and who hoped that they would do what she did, if ever they were asked to. Russian Dissident's Passion Endures Despite Tests 1/11/10 The New York Times: Lyudmila M. Alexeyeva, the 82-year-old Soviet-era dissident who was detained in at a New Year’s Eve rally in Moscow, has endured so many interrogations that this latest doesn’t seem to phase her. C-Section Births On Rise In India 1/14/10 Times of India: Birth by Caesarean sections, many of them unnecessary, have started to increase globally. While nearly one in every two births in China are delivered by C-section, the rate is around two in five in Thailand and Vietnam and nearly one in five in India. Arab World: Article On Polygamy Causes A Stir 1/12/10 Global Voices Online: Saudi Journalist Nadine al-Bedair has caused a stir after writing a controversial article published in Egyptian Newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm entitled “Me and my four husbands.” Lindsay Lohan: Sex Trade Savior 1/12/10 Salon: Lohan’s BBC3 documentary on human trafficking in India may carry more than a whiff of self-promotion, but that shouldn’t mar the work she’s doing, and the attention she’s calling to a crucial international issue. Women On The Way Festival Helps Female Artists 1/14/10 The San Francisco Gate: For the past decade, Mary Alice Fry has enticed audiences with a diverse rotating program of multimedia dance and theater, the Women on the Way Festival. Fry aims to produce the work of female artists "without limitations from the culture of male dominance or feminism." Northeastern Women Make Hockey History At Fenway 1/14/10 The Boston Globe: The Northeastern University and University of New Hampshire hockey teams made history, playing the first outdoor women’s college game on the infield of Fenway Park, in front of a full house of 38,000-plus fans.