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WMC News Brief: TV Industry, First Gay Episcopal Bishop, Kenya’s Abortion Ban

March 18, 2010

TV Industry A Hostile Place For Working Mothers, Survey Finds 3/15/10 The Guardian: More than half of television workers say it's difficult to get back in after a break to have children. Episcopal Church Approves Ordination Of Openly Gay Bishop In Los Angeles 3/18/2010 Los Angeles Times: The Episcopal Church gave final approval Wednesday to the ordination of an openly gay bishop in Los Angeles, putting a face behind a policy that has divided the church and caused some of its more conservative members to break away. Kenya's Abortion Ban Fires Constitutional Debate 3/18/2010 Women’s eNews: Church leaders in Kenya are opposing a provision in a draft of a national constitution that includes emergency exceptions to the country's abortion ban. A recent study links the ban to the deaths of at least hundreds of women a year. Goal At Deutsche Telekom: More Women As Managers 3/15/2010 New York Times: Europe’s largest telecommunications company, said Monday that it would more than double the number of women who are managers within five years, becoming the first member of the DAX 30 index of blue-chip German companies to introduce gender quotas. Rebelling Against the Commonly Evasive Feminine Care Ad 3/15/2010 New York Times: Ads for menstrual products remain conspicuously euphemistic, typically featuring women practicing yoga in white spandex. The U by Kotex campaign aims to both parody such conventions, and to make an impression with marketing that is more frank. But that approach turns out to be a bit too frank for some networks. Democrats: Vote Your Conscience On Health Care 3/18/2010 Washington Post: To wavering House Democrats: I urge you simply to cast the vote you can be proud of next week, next year and for years to come. Given the opportunity, I wouldn't change my vote. Janet Napolitano Halts Funding For Virtual Border Fence 3/17/2010 Christian Science Monitor: The virtual border fence was supposed to revolutionize US-Mexico border security. But delays and glitches led Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to freeze its funding Wednesday. Bart Stupak: "I Don't Listen To Nuns" 3/18/2010 RH Reality Check: In two interviews yesterday, Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak revealed a great deal about himself, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, politics and the internal workings of our "pro-choice" Democratic party. Nuns In U.S. Back Healthcare Bill Despite Catholic Bishops' Opposition 3/18/2010 Los Angeles Times: By sending a letter to Congress in support of the Senate healthcare bill, a wide coalition of nuns took sides against not only the Republican minority but against their own church hierarchy, as represented by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which opposes the bill. At 76, Steinem Laments Elusive Equality For Women 3/17/2010 Reuters: A message to all those confident young American women from pioneering feminist Gloria Steinem: For all the advances in women's rights in the past 40 years, equality remains a distant hope. Sex Assault Reports Rise In Military 3/16/2010 New York Times: The Department of Defense released an annual report on Tuesday showing an 11 percent increase in reports of sexual assault in the military over the past year, including a 16 percent increase in reported assaults occurring in combat areas, principally Iraq and Afghanistan. Female Homebuilders Find Gender Barriers Are Crumbling 3/18/2010 Kansas City Star: Diane Cheatham, who builds townhouse projects and has her own subdivision in North Dallas, is one of a growing number of women in what has traditionally been a boys' club of a business. About 10 percent of the industry's 175,000-member trade group are women. The Right To Choose: Family Lessons 3/17/2010 Women’s Media Center: Far from a generational divide, the author, as a young feminist, finds sustenance in the ways the women in her family handled their more limited life choices. Would More Women In Catholic Church Reduce Abuse? 3/18/2010 CNN: With the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church spreading, a leading religious scholar said Wednesday that a greater female presence in the church hierarchy would have helped prevent the crisis from worsening. An Afghan Politician Pushes For A Comeback 3/15/2010 New York Times: The people who want to silence Malalai Joya, the youngest elected politician in Afghanistan, are doing a pretty good job of it in her own country. But Ms. Joya, 31, is speaking out nonetheless, hoping to engineer a political comeback in legislative elections scheduled for September. Cuban Police Haul Protesting "Ladies In White" Away 3/17/2010 Reuters: Cuban police grabbed members of the opposition group "Ladies in White" by their hair, dragged them into a bus and drove them away to break up a protest march on Wednesday. Sierra Leone Court Backs Woman Chief Bid 3/16/2010 BBC: A judge in Sierra Leone has ruled for the first time that a woman's bid to become a paramount chief is lawful. Women's rights activists hailed the ruling as a landmark decision and vowed to fight similar bans in other regions. Holocaust Survivor Veil Joins Academie Francaise 3/18/2010 News Observor: Simone Veil, a French political icon who survived Nazi death camps and went on to lead Europe's joint parliament, is joining the prestigious Academie Francaise. Veil spearheaded the battle to legalize abortion in France and served as government minister. Sex-Segregated Buses Divide A Nation 3/15/2010 Salon: Around a thousand protesters marched outside the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem on Friday to protest segregated buses that are mainly (but not exclusively) used by the city's Haredi or "Ultra-Orthodox" community. How We Can All Help Women In The Congo 3/17/2010 Huffington Post: The epidemic of rape and sexual violence in the Congo takes center stage in an all-new episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, airing on Wednesday night. Egypt Supreme Court Backs Women Judges 3/15/2010 CBS: Egypt's Constitutional Court backed the right of women judges to sit on the bench in the state's administrative courts, despite opposition from conservatives. The ruling follows a dispute within the State Council, the top administrative court, over whether women should be appointed. Journeys For The Girls (And Women) 3/11/2010 The Guardian: Virginia Woolf's house, Gertrude Stein's flat – feminist pilgrimages are a great way to connect with history. So when Vera Groskop said girls were boring, her mother decided it was time for her first trip. Midwives Barred From California Hospital 3/16/2010 RH Reality Check: Clearly, some very serious safety issues must have arisen at the Pleasant Valley Hospital in order for the hospital to take such drastic measures. Only, that's not the case. While hospital administrators say the reason for the ban is rooted in concern for the safety of their patients, they haven't provided any actual evidence to back up the statement. Gaga Has Come To Save Irony For Women Everywhere 3/18/2010 The Age: Gaga, performing in Melbourne next week, dialled up the feminist promise presaged by Madonna. More than quotation marks, we see, amid a cast of trans-gendered, hyper camp enchantment, entire bound volumes shrieking ''woman.'' Female Athletes Can't Win For Winning 3/16/2010 Salon: Instead of being praised for their talent and hard work, "the UConn women are criticized for winning too often, by too many points." At Xavier, Nun Works Out Players’ Academic Side 3/15/2010 New York Times: By some measures, the success of the Xavier men’s basketball team rests not with a sharpshooting guard or a ball-hawking forwar, but with a 5-foot-4, white-haired 77-year-old nun not afraid to rap on dormitory doors or to call players before dawn to ask about missed classes or late assignments.