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WMC News Brief: Shriver Report, Child Care, Peru

October 21, 2009

Media Ignores Women's Health Disparities In Shriver Report 10/20/09 RH Reality Check: The year-long study by Maria Shriver has generated celebratory headlines in the media about women's advances in the workplace while ignoring the many stark realities in the report. As Aid Shrinks, More 'Stuck' For Day Care 10/21/09 USA Today: As budget problems worsen, states are tightening rules for subsidies, eliminating enriched child care programs, raising fees that parents and providers pay, and halting new subsidies. Abortion Debate Heats Up In Peru 10/20/09 AFP: Thousands of pro- and anti-abortion demonstrators squared off outside Congress, as a legislative committee revisited and confirmed its recent support of a bill allowing abortion in case of rape or fetal deformity. Hunt Is On At ABC To Replace Diane Sawyer On 'Good Morning America' 10/21/09 LA Times: Some network staffers wonder why there seemed to be no plan in place to replace Sawyer, who is taking over for Charles Gibson on the evening news broadcast. Charges Against Columnist Don't Add Up 10/21/09 Miami Herald: What does a newspaper do if one of its regular op-ed contributors has been accused of being of a Cuban spy? Why The Stupid 'Balloon Boy' Story Actually Matters 10/20/09 The Loop 21: Some are blaming the parents of said boy of the equivalent of child abuse, and others are simply blaming the media for not only getting the story wrong but wasting so much airtime on a non-story to begin with. Violence Against Women Is Unacceptable 10/21/09 New Mexico Independent: New Mexico, finds itself ranked 7th in the country for the number of women killed by men. Reports find that over a third of such murders of women nationally were at the hands of an “intimate partner.” Why Do Men Catcall? 10/21/09 AlterNet: Screaming at women about their appearance reinforces some men's sense of dominance -- but its street harassment. From Sotomayor's Lips To Latinas' Hearts 10/19/09 Latin American Post: Wise Latina. The catchphrase of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearings has taken on a life of its own, spawning T-shirts, note cards, dog jerseys and even thongs. Vatican Welcome To Anglicans Boldest Move Since Reformation 10/20/09 Christian Science Monitor: The Vatican on Tuesday opened the way for Anglican communities to switch allegiance en masse. Hundreds of thousands of Anglicans angry over the church's liberal stance on women and gays may convert. Grassroots Rage As Cameron Drops Opposition To All-Women Shortlists 10/20/09 Guardian: David Cameron is to reverse his party's long-standing opposition to all-women shortlists in the run-up to next year's general election. Kuwait Grants Women Passports Without Spousal Nod 10/21/09 AP: Unlike with highly conservative neighbors like Saudi Arabia, women in Kuwait can vote, serve in parliament and drive, and now can obtain their own passports. Veiled Reasons 10/21/09 Al-Ahram, Cairo: The grand sheikh of Al-Azhar stirred troubled waters when he told an 11-year-old pupil at a girls-only school that there was no need for her to cover her face. A Woman Alone: Forough Farrokhzad 10/19/09 Bitch: All the poets Iran is famous for lived hundreds of years ago and were dudes. But modernist poetry in Iran's most important female poet, Forough Farrokhzad, is an Iranian iconoclast on par with former Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Roundup: A Warning About A Generic Contraceptive, And Lack Of Access To Contraceptives Driving Unsafe Abortion In Uganda 10/21/09 RH Reality Check: Lack of access to modern contraceptives is one of the key factors behind high rates of unsafe abortion and maternal deaths among women in Uganda. Flu Story: A Pregnant Woman’s Ordeal 10/19/09 NY Times: After being diagnosed with the flu, a pregnant Aubrey Opdyke was hospitalized, spent five weeks in a coma, suffered six collapsed lungs, a near-fatal seizure, and lost her baby. Study: Insurance Companies Treat OH Women Like A Pre-Existing Condition 10/21/09 Public News Service: A new study finds health insurers often treat being female like a pre-existing condition, setting premium prices much higher for women in states that don't have laws against the practice known as gender rating. Women In Future Shorter, Fatter, But Healthier 10/21/09 Med Guru: Women are evolving to be shorter and fatter, but this is not bad news, as they are also becoming healthier. Reflections On Marriage 10/18/09 The Nation: The Times was intent on portraying Jessica Valenti's marriage as a morality tale; implying that tough feminists may talk about social equality, but all girls really want is a good man and note-worthy bustle. Nancy Spero, Artist Of Feminism, Is Dead At 83 10/19/09 NY Times: Nancy Spero, an American artist and feminist whose tough, exquisite figurative art addressed the realities of political violence, died on Sunday in Manhattan. It's Official: WNBA Team Moves To Tulsa 10/21/09 News OK: WNBA president Donna Orender gave new team owners Bill Cameron and David Box WNBA basketballs inscribed with the words "Tulsa 2010."