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WMC News Brief: Sawyer, Roeder Trial, Haiti

January 25, 2010

Diane Sawyer Has Immediate Effect On ABC's 'World News' 1/25/10 LA Times: ABC evening newscast's ratings have spiked 8% since Sawyer took over as anchor. Police And Witnesses Recall Details Of The Day Tiller Was Shot 1/23/10 Kansas News: As evidence in Roeder's first-degree murder trial got under way, defense lawyers made little effort to dispute the claim that Roeder shot Tiller. Haiti Quake Puts 63,000 Pregnant Women At Risk 1/25/10 Women's eNews: The Haiti earthquake has increased the risks for an estimated 63,000 pregnant women in Port-au-Prince, as medical facilities and supplies have been destroyed. With Kindle, The Best Sellers Don’t Need To Sell 1/23/10 NY Times: More than half of the “best-selling” e-books on the Kindle,’s e-reader, are available at no charge. Africa Needs Responsible Reporting 1/24/10 Guardian, UK: False stories in the western media that Rwanda planned to criminalize homosexuality, threatened investment in the region. After Senate Race, Some Say Barrier For Women In Massachusetts Still Stands 1/24/10 NY Times: The defeat of Martha Coakley has reignited the debate over whether there is a glass ceiling for women in Massachusetts politics. People Bashing Elizabeth Edwards Might Want To Walk A Day In Her Shoes 1/24/10 Cleveland News: In politics, it is increasingly fashionable to bash Elizabeth Edwards. As trends go, it's an ugly one. Business Schools Sweeten Lures For Women 1/22/10 Women's eNews: Business schools are trying to boost stubbornly low rates of female enrollment. New York University's program, which has the highest proportion of women among co-ed programs, is only 40 percent female. She Works. They’re Happy. 1/24/10 NY Times: The changing roles in marriage often aren’t what many couples plan, but instead are a reaction to unexpected financial pressures. Social Marketing: Making Markets Work For Poor Women 1/25/10 RH Reality Check: At the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development, Secretary of State Clinton put her finger on one of the key avenues for long-lasting improvement in the lives of women and children around the world: markets. A Good Fight 1/22/10 NY Times: Hillary Clinton called for an end to Internet censorship and naming governments that suppress the free flow of information. Is Syria Ready To Engage With NGOs? 1/24/10 BBC: Syria is trying to send a signal that it is ready to engage with non-governmental organizations and development groups in order to promote a more active civil society in the country. Female Religious Guides Are On The Rise 1/22/10 Daily Star: In recent years, Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey have trained and appointed a new group to the ranks of religious guides: women. Saudi Arabia To Lash Filipino Rape Victim 100 Times 1/21/10 True Slant: A Filipino woman in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be lashed 100 times by the government as punishment for being raped. It's Cervical Health Awareness Month: Are You Protecting Yours? 1/25/10 RH Reality Check: Why do we need to be aware of the cervix? Genuine Actress Flirts With Stardom 1/20/10 NY Times: Despite more than 30 films, 10 Broadway stints, 3 Oscar nominations and an Emmy and Golden Globe winning performance Laura Linney has not managed to leap into the movie-star stratosphere. Natasha Walter: 'I Believed Sexism In Our Culture Would Wither Away. I Was Entirely Wrong' 1/25/10 Guardian, UK: The author of The New Feminism talks about challenging the resurgence of sexism in her new book, Living Dolls, and not being an angry feminist. Kelly Kulick Becomes First Woman To Win PBA Tour Title 1/24/10 USA Today: Kulick became the first woman to win a PBA Tour title; beating Chris Barnes in the final of the 45th Tournament of Champions.