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WMC News Brief:  Sawyer, Ordination, Guinea-Bissau

September 2, 2009

ABC News: Gibson Retiring, Sawyer Will Be Anchor 09/02/09 San Francisco Chronicle: Sawyer's elevation means that, with Katie Couric, two of the three leading anchors for the broadcast networks will be women. Women's Ordination Advocate Gets Ultimatum 09/02/09 Baltimore Sun: A Cincinnati nun who has long called for the Catholic ordination of women has been told by the archbishop of Cincinnati to drop the issue or forfeit her responsibilities within the archdiocese, according to the National Catholic Reporter. 'House Of Mothers' Helps Pregnant Women In Guinea-Bissau Beat Statistics 09/01/09 Voice Of America: In Guinea-Bissau, many expectant mothers in the country's remote interior do not react to the danger signs until it is too late. But Kadiatou, who was referred to the House of Mothers as a high-risk case, has benefitted from the early care and support. Reporters Recount Arrest By North Korea 09/02/09 NY Times: Laura Ling and Euna Lee were freed by North Korea after four and half months of captivity admitted Wednesday they had crossed into the Communist state. Award-Winning Journalist Marianne Mccune Helps Teens Become Storytellers 09/01/09 Voice Of America: Journalist and youth advocate Marianne McCune has helped dozens of teens speak up for themselves and their generation, on the radio through her Radio Rookies program. AG Takes Out Papers For Senate Bid 09/02/09 Boston Globe: Attorney General Martha Coakley yesterday took out nomination papers to run for the Senate seat of Edward M. Kennedy, the opening salvo in what promises to be a fierce five-month-long race. Palin To Speak At Hong Kong Investors Conference 09/02/09 Fox: Palin will be speaking to a forum organized by CLSA, a Hong Kong-based brokerage firm, and will address the company's clients and delegates at the16th Investors' Forum, held Sept. 21-25. Illinois: Group Sues To Enforce Abortion Notice 09/02/09 NY Times: The Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center filed a lawsuit asking the state’s Supreme Court to order the immediate enforcement of a law passed in 1995 that requires doctors to give at least 48 hours’ notice to an adult family member when a girl under 18 seeks an abortion. Family Court Gives Soldier Visitation In Custody Case 09/02/09 NY Times: After 10 months in Iraq and three months fighting with her former companion over access to their daughter, a National Guard specialist was granted daily visitation and weekly sleepovers with the 2-year-old girl by a judge in family court here on Tuesday. A Better Alternative For Women-Owned Businesses 09/01/09 Forbes: 64% of women are starting service-based businesses (as opposed to products). Why? What does this indicate about women entrepreneurs? Are they risk averse, out of the capital loop or both? Mad Magazine: Marie Claire’s Bias Against Muslim Women 09/02/09 Muslimah Media Watch: Asra Nomani’s recent piece in Marie Claire, “My Big Fat Muslim Wedding”, underscored everything that is wrong with Marie Claire’s coverage of Islam and Muslim women. Italy's End To Employment Discrimination Has Women Crying Foul 09/01/09 Christian Science Monitor: A public outcry arose when the Italian parliament recently ratified a new law ending discrimination in the retirement age between men and women – much of it from women's rights groups and labor unions. Women Urged To Sue To Fix Pay Gap 09/02/09 Sydney Morning Herald: Australian women need to sue if they want employers to take the widening gender pay gap seriously, international labor experts have told their Sydney sisters. Transsexuals In The Middle East Await The Wave Of Change 09/02/09 Women's International Perspective: Most transsexuals prefer to remain anonymous since in some Arab countries they could face jail sentences for dressing or acting like the opposite sex. A Grim Reality: Violence Against Women In Nepal 09/02/09 Media For Freedom: UN has formally recognized the “Violence against Women” as social and development agenda by declaring the post ten years of 1976 as “Decade for Women” and issuing “Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women” in 1993. However, the gender based discrimination has rooted in the societies in such an extent that the global commitment has also brought minimal changes. Ethiopia: Women Dominate As College Graduates Hundreds 09/01/09 All Africa: 694 students, 75.85% of the graduates from the private college who took their diplomas in the fields of Accounting, Law, Information Technology, Marketing and Salesmanship and Secretarial Science and Office Management were female graduates. Bid to tackle women's poverty sidelined 09/02/09 Calgary Herald, Canada: Efforts to address poverty in Canada, especially the "shockingly high" rates suffered by many women, seem to have been sidelined by the economic recession, says a report being released Wednesday. Ahmadinejad's Women Don't Carry A Torch For Me 09/02/09 Women's eNews: Since Iran's Ahmadinejad named the Islamic Republic's first women to cabinet-level posts; rights activists have denounced it as a cynical move. Abortion Stigma Affects Doctors' Training And Choices 09/01/09 Washington Post: Although nearly one-third of American women will have an abortion by age 45, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a respected New York research organization, the number of abortion providers dropped from 2,908 in 1982 to 1,787 in 2005. Breast Cancer: Women Often Choose Mastectomy 09/01/09 WebMD: Women with early-stage breast cancer who said they were most involved in the decision-making process were also the most likely to have a mastectomy. Group Urging African-American Women In Durham To Breastfeed 09/02/09 The Herald Sun: 53 percent of African-American women initiate breastfeeding and about 25 percent are still breastfeeding six months later. The federal government’s Healthy People 2010 goal is for 75 percent of all mothers to initiate breastfeeding, with half still breastfeeding six months later. Singing A (Very) Simple Song 09/01/09 NY Times: Colbie Caillat may be the least complicated popular musician of the day. However, she has a challenger: Ingrid Michaelson, who over the last three years has emerged as the voice of a hundred television moments. Toss The Ball. Hit The Ball. Oops! Oops! 09/01/09 NY Times: The serve in tennis is the only shot completely in the player’s control. That has been little comfort to some of the top players in women’s tennis, whose serving has bombed on the biggest stages this summer.