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WMC News Brief: Sawyer, Healthcare, Sudan

September 4, 2009

Unsolicited Advice For Diane Sawyer 09/03/09 Slate: Only 2 million people in the World News' audience of 6 million come from the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic. Why the 63-year-old Sawyer would want to enter this dying news genre confounds reason. Healthcare Reform Bill Doesn't Cover Elective Abortions 09/04/09 LA Times: The provision that antiabortion groups find so objectionable would actually have the opposite effect, forcing private insurers to go further to fund and account for abortion coverage separately from federally subsidized services. SUDAN: Women, Children Increasingly Targeted In Southern Clashes 09/04/09 Integrated Regional Information Networks: Women and children are being increasingly targeted in the escalating attacks against communities in Southern Sudanese states, exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation Two Out Of Three Anchors Are Women, But The Searing Question Is: “What Took So Long”? 09/03/09 Rowman Blog: I think it is important to note, however, that women have made it to the top just in time to realize that the top isn’t the top any more. Ladybrille Magazine Gives American And European Women The 'Africhic' Global Style... 09/03/09 Reuters: Africa has largely been ignored because mainstream coverage of the continent has failed to show these women products that resonate with them. Exclusive: Elle’s Homeless Intern Speaks Out, Doesn’t Feel Exploited 09/03/09 Mediaite: Marshall Kirkpatrick points out that Brianna Karp’s $150-a-month pay for 24 hours of work is less than California’s minimum wage, and wonders if the positive press that Elle is getting here might be worth a little more than that. Virginia Women: Get Back In That Chastity Belt! 09/03/09 Huffington Post: McConnell has sponsored or co-sponsored more than 35 anti-choice pieces of legislation -- in fact, his primary focus in elective office has been to restrict women's access to reproductive health care. He is now leading in the Virginia polls. Can Womenomics Ease The Stress Of Work/Life Balance? 09/03/09 Huffington Post: Stress is prevalent as women strive to parcel out portions of time to the spouse, children, aging parents, their communities, and lastly...themselves. Historic Shift In America's Labor Force 09/03/09 CBS: Women on Track to Outnumber Men, More Seniors Putting off Retirement and the Young Getting Squeezed Out Women Need Rights, Not Rescue 09/03/09 RH Reality Check: When we lose sight of history, we erase the existences of women who fought for their rights over generations, and we forget to seek out the root causes of our current reality. Thumb Up: Women Pilots Of World War II Receive Long Overdue Recognition 09/04/09 TCPalm: In a ceremony last week in Miami, three members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) were formally recognized for their service during World War II. Iran's First Female Cabinet Member A Setback For Women 09/03/09 Politics Daily: Iran approved its first female cabinet member since the revolution 30 years ago. However, Dastjerdi is a long-time proponent of sex-segregating medical care, so that Iranian women can only be seen by female doctors -- a move that reduces women's access to medical care, particularly to specialists. South Africa: Bringing Women Into The Workforce 09/03/09 All Africa: Women have been hardest hit by the economic crisis both in developing and developed countries because they often comprise the majority of the poor and occupy vulnerable jobs in any economy. Egyptian Film On Women's Role Draws Ire And Praise 09/04/09 Reuters: The makers of an Egyptian film exploring the subjugation of women across the Middle East say they have won widespread praise as well as deeply personal criticism since the movie was released. Africa: Realizing Economic Justice By Empowering Women 09/03/09 All Africa: Numerous studies have identified lack of access to and control over resources by African women amongst the most important causes of gender inequality on the continent. Japan's First Lady Has The Vision Thing -- Really 09/04/09 LA Times: Less than a week after her husband and his Democratic Party of Japan were swept into power in a historic leadership change, revelations about Hatoyama's personal life are making the rounds in the Western press. Girls And Dieting, Then And Now 09/02/09 Wall Street Journal: More than half of the 9-year-old girls I surveyed said they were dieting, and 75%—even the skinniest ones—said they weighed too much. World’s Women Still Dying During Childbirth At An Alarming Rate 09/03/09 New Jersey News Room: Fifteen years after 179 nations agreed to implement a plan of action on sexual health; a woman still dies every minute because of inadequate pregnancy and birth services, according to the World Health Organization. Director Cherien Dabis Straddles Two Worlds 09/04/09 LA Times: The filmmaker examines the complexities of modern Arab American identity in 'Amreeka.' WuDunn and Kristof Say Century Belongs to Women 09/03/09 Women's eNews: As they traveled and reported in the developing world for The New York Times WuDunn and Kristof began to believe that so many of the devastating problems they covered were tied into the second-class--or often, far worse--status of women. Only 13% Of Wikipedia Contributors Are Women, Study Says Wall Street Journal: Of the 53,888 respondents who said they contribute to Wikipedia, only 6,814 were women. The male/female ratio is closer among those who read entries but don’t write or edit them: 69% men to 31% women. Rihanna, Gagged 09/03/09 Salon: How could Vogue have asked a domestic violence victim to be photographed in bondage gear? And how could Rihanna have allowed the magazine to turn her ordeal into a kinky, controversial spread calculated to sell copies? The CW Focuses On Appealing To Young Women 09/03/09 Deseret News: We went out, and we started talking to our advertisers. We talked to our affiliates. We talked to the consumer. And we tried to figure out where there was, what we call, 'white space' — what was left open."And what we found was there was nobody really speaking to women in this demographic, particularly with scripted programming." Women Take Center Stage At Night 09/03/09 NY Times: For the first time at the Open, the evening session opened with a men’s match. Tournament directors have done away with the traditional women-first, men-second line-up. The Real Problem With Women's Pro Soccer 09/03/09 Soccer America: The first season of the Women's Professional Soccer league produced smaller crowds and bigger financial losses than anticipated.