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WMC News Brief: Saudi Journalist Sentenced, Pelosi Behind Public Option, India’s DV Campaign

October 26, 2009

Saudi Journalist Sentenced 60 Lashes 10/25/09 Reuters: A Saudi court sentenced a female journalist to 60 lashes in a case brought after a Lebanese television channel she worked for aired the sex confession of a Saudi man. Pelosi Gets Behind The Public Option 10/22/09 NPR: House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is emerging as a champion of a public option. India’s Domestic Violence Campaign Asks Men To Be Part Of The Solution 10/16/09 Women's International Perspective: The Bell Bajao campaign urges men to take a stand against domestic violence. Women & Film 10/25/09 Washington Post: With female characters, why does Hollywood fear that the stronger they are, the harder they fail? Did You Mean That, Google? 10/23/09 Salon: Guess what you get when you search for "bad fathering"? Why No One Talks Back To Cathy Hughes 10/26/09 The Root: The empress of black radio is using public airwaves to personally attack her enemies in Congress in the name of black progress. Abortion Divides House Dems In Health Care Debate 10/23/09 AP: House Democrats are at an impasse over whether their remake of the nation's health care system would effectively allow federal funding of abortion. Sarah Palin Rejects 'Moderate' Congressional Candidate 10/25/09 Guardian, UK: Sarah Palin has joined leading national Republican figures in rejecting the party's nomination for this year's congressional election in a northern New York state in favor of a fiercely conservative third-party candidate. Man’s World At White House? No Harm, No Foul, Aides Say 10/25.09 NY Times: Does the White House feel like a frat house? Is The GI Bill Just An IOU? 10/25/09 LA Times: Tens of thousands of student veterans are still waiting for the government to make good on its promise of education benefits. Oklahoma Vs. Women 10/25/09 NY Times: Women, especially those living in small Oklahoma towns, have reason to fear for their privacy when information about their abortion is gathered in government offices and at least some details are posted online. Women: Saviors Of The World Economy? 10/26/09 CNN: The largest growing economic force in the world isn't China or India - its women. No Trafficking? Well, There's A Hell Of A Lot Of Women Suffering 10/25/09 Guardian, UK: Beware those who argue that prostitution is just another job. If it is, why do so many women die in this sordid trade? Are Sri Lankan Women Visible Only Statistically? 10/26/09 Daily News, Sri Lanka: What is a woman's real place - in society, in the home, and in the world? Bill To Increase Access To Contraception Is Dividing Filipinos 10/26/09 NY Times: Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. Birth control and related health services have long been available to those who can afford it, but 70 percent of the population is too poor and depends on heavily subsidized care. 'Polygamy Club' Draws Criticism In Indonesia 10/25/09 AP: Plans to open branches of a Malaysian "Polygamy Club" in Indonesia have upset women's groups and religious leaders in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Iran Is Said To Arrest Wives Of Many Prominent Detainees 10/24/09 NY Times: Iranian authorities arrested the wives and family members of a number of high-profile political detainees at a religious ceremony in Tehran. Abortion Women Told: 'See A Lawyer First' 10/26/09 Brisbane Times, Australia: Women seeking abortions at public hospitals in Queensland will be advised to seek their own legal advice before receiving a medical termination. 'Bioidenticals' Not FDA-Approved, Contain Estrogen 10/25/09 AP: Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine. Yet these mostly unproven treatments are now mainstream and used by more than a third of all Americans. Now Starring At The Movies: Famous Dead Women 10/24/09 NY Times:  For actresses, it is no longer enough to be young and beautiful onscreen, they have to be dead and famous, too. What Women Want In Male Dominated Sports 10/26/09 Spartan Daily: Few female athletes have the opportunity to become as famous as Serena Williams. Speedskaters Pass Torch To Children 10/24/09 NY Times: Sheila Young Ochowicz has competed in two Olympics. Now it is her daughter's turn. Yes, Black Women Play Lacrosse 10/23/09 The Root: Just when you thought black people were done breaking athletic barriers; enter Howard University’s women’s lacrosse team.