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WMC News Brief: Sandra Bullock, Transgendered Presidential Appointee, Polyandry

January 6, 2010

Sandra Bullock Makes History
Variety: Bullock’s acclaimed film The Blind Side became the first movie in history to pass the $200 million mark with only one top-billed female star.

Obama Makes Amanda Simpson The First Transgender Presidential Appointment
Air America: Amanda Simpson made history today when she became the first-ever Presidential appointee who is transgender.

Four Husbands Under Islam
Salon: A Saudi woman courts controversy by fantasizing about polyandry.

Pitching A Product, Without Showing It
NY Times: New Special K ads star women who are not an idealized and unattainable image of perfection.

Alma Mater Of Massachusetts Terror Plot Suspect Bans Head Coverings That Obscure Face
LA Times: A Massachusetts pharmacy college instituted a ban on clothing that obscures the face, including face veils and burqas, weeks after a Muslim alumnus was charged with plotting terror strikes.

Putting Lens On Lives In Suspended Animation In Gaza
NY Times: Awatif Aljadili made a video for the Israeli rights group B’Tselem about a school trip and students wounded in the Gaza war.

Dallas Police Aim To Help, Not Jail, Prostitutes
NPR: Dallas police treat prostitutes as sex crime victims, offering many a chance to clean up and get off the streets.

U.S. Job Site Bans Bias Over Gender Identity
NY Times: The Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs Web site explicitly banning employment discrimination based on gender identity.

Financial Secrets Of 100 Chinese Women
New America Media: These women became successful not because they beat the odds, but because they persevered, were driven by an indefatigable work ethic, possessed an unstoppable desire for success and never quit pursuing their dreams.

What’s The Big Deal About Gender? – Female Identity As Intersex
Women News Network: A U.N. report on counter-terrorism says, “gender is not synonymous with women, and, instead, encompasses the social constructions that underlie how women’s and men’s roles, functions and responsibilities, including in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, are understood.”

Americans’ Role Seen In Uganda Anti-Gay Push
NY Times: Three American evangelical Christians, whose teachings about “curing” homosexuals have been widely discredited in the United States, arrived in Uganda’s capital to give a series of talks.

A Fight For Rape Survivors
Guardian, UK: For women who have suffered the trauma of sexual violence, emotional support can offer a lifeline.

Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier
NY Times: A large study has found evidence that even among childless women, those who live with a mate put on more pounds than those who live without one.

Wake Up, Women: Sleep Is A Feminist Issue
Salon: Single working women and working moms with young kids are especially drowsy.

New Envoy’s Old Advice For Children: Read More
NY Times: Katherine Paterson, the children’s novelist who will be appointed the national ambassador for young people’s literature, often assures aspiring writers that she showed little apparent talent as a child.

Mary Daly, Pioneering Feminist Who Tussled With BC, Dies At 81
Boston Globe: Mary Daly emerged as a major voice in the women’s movement with her earlier publications: “The Church and the Second Sex,” and “Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation.”