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WMC News Brief:  Racial Bias And Abortion, Criminalized Illegal Abortions, Suu Kyi’s Release Rejecte

March 1, 2010

New York Times Article On Myth Of "Racial Bias And Abortion" Omits Critical Analyses 3/1/10 RH Reality Check: The New York Times story failed to explore in any real depth the factors underlying reproductive and sexual health problems among African-American women. Utah Bill Would Criminalize Illegal Abortions 3/1/10 NY Times: The origins of Utah State House Bill 12 lie in an act of dark and desperate violence. Appeal For Suu Kyi Release Rejected 2/25/10 FOX:  The highest court in military-ruled Burma dismissed opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's latest bid for freedom. MIA: Women Chefs In NY Post 2/25/10 Huffington Post: New York Post should consider including top female chefs for future stories. Tyler Perry’s Crack Mothers 2/27/10 NY Times: Recent data do not support the ubiquity of black crack-mom characters in the movies. Buried In U.N. Stats: My Day As Media Monitor 3/1/10 Women's eNews: The Women's Commission begins its big review session at the U.N. and Aditi Bhaduri made a small, anonymous, contribution to research about media coverage. Despite Differences, Pelosi Sees 'Positive Result' From Reform 2/28/10 Washington Post: Pelosi said she is confident that the House will move forward with a "very positive result" in final passage. Unlikely Activist Who Got To The Tea Party Early 2/28/10 NY Times: Keli Carender is credited with holding the first protest that bloomed into the Tea Party movement. Fundraiser Julianna Smoot New White House Social Secretary 2/28/10 Washington Post: Veteran fundraiser Julianna Smoot was officially tapped as the next White House social secretary. Violent French Husbands 'May Be Tagged' 2/25/10 BBC: Men seen as likely to be violent towards their wives could be forced to wear an electronic tag under a law being debated by the French parliament. Russia Urged To Detail Activist Murder Probe 2/27/10 Washington Post: A media rights watchdog urged Russia to publish details of its probe into the murder of a rights worker after the Russian press reported that suspects had been identified. South Africa School Dormitory Closes After Lesbian Kiss 2/26/10 BBC: South African education officials are investigating reports that a girls' boarding school dormitory was closed because of lesbian relationships. Berlusconi Unrepentant Over Election Choices 2/28/10 Guardian, UK: Berlusconi risked renewed criticism of when he unveiled a list that included a Miss Italy contestant, a former TV weathergirl and a showgirl turned dental hygienist for election candidates. More Eating Disorders For Women Over 30 3/1/10 Chicago Sun-times: Experts say they're seeing more women in their 30s, 40s and even older seeking treatment for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Teen Motherhood Is Not All Bad, Says Hilary Mantel 3/1/10 Guardian, UK: The age at which women have babies is dictated by men's timetables, the prize-winning author Hilary Mantel has claimed. Sarah Palin And Glenn Beck Hit Road Together 2/25/10 Politico: Palin and Fox News host Glenn Beck will be on stage together next month with country singer John Rich as part of his “Taking Our Country Back Tour.” "Law & Order: SVU" To Feature Kathy Griffin As A Lesbian 2/26/10 Bitch: Next week's episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will feature Kathy Griffin playing a lesbian activist named Babs Duffy. Raining On Canadian Women's Parade 2/26/10 Salon: The gold medal winning hockey team boozes it up on the ice and sparks condemnation. Medal Of Underage Chinese Gymnast Revoked 2/26/10 NY Times: After an investigation that lasted more than a year, the International Gymnastics Federation announced that a Chinese gymnast from the 2000 Olympics had been too young to compete. Yoga Stretches Terrain For Sex-Trauma Therapy 2/28/10 Women's eNews: In Rwanda, Deirdre Summerbell teaches a vigorous form of yoga to about 250 to 300 girls and women; most have survived assault or abuse. Many contracted HIV during the genocide. Paralyzed, Skier Turns To Reporting 2/25/10 NY Times: Peace has been unexpectedly difficult to come by for Laoura, who won a bronze in moguls skiing at the 2006 Winter Games and is working as a reporter for French television.