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WMC News Brief: Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton, Refuges

October 14, 2009

Rachel Maddow, Voice Of America 10/11/09 Guardian, UK: By cutting across the grain of US cable news, the sober-minded liberal pundit has become the best talk show host in America. Hillary Clinton Rules Out Run For Presidency -- Is She Actually Happy In Her Work? 10/13/09 LA Times: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insists that she is not planning to run for president again. 'No Room In Refuges For 1,700 Women' 10/14/09 Irish Times, Ireland: More than 1,700 women fleeing violent spouses or partners were turned away from refuges last year due to lack of space. Corrao To Exit Comedy Central At Year-End 10/13/09 Multi Channel: Comedy Central veteran programming executive Lauren Corrao is leaving the network at the end of the year to produce her own original content. Digital Media To Be Eligible For Awards As Magazines 10/13/09 NY Times: The National Magazine Awards are adding 12 new categories covering online media. Liz Cheney Launches Group To "Keep America Safe" 10/13/09 CBS: Elizabeth Cheney has a new organization, Keep America Safe, dedicated to pressing her argument against President Obama. Snowe Vote Aids Health Plan, Sans Public Option 10/14/09 San Francisco Chronicle: Sen. Olympia Snowe's vote for the Finance Committee's 10-year, $829 billion health legislation Tuesday greatly increased the chances that Congress will pass a bill this year. Pepsi Apologizes For Before You Score Iphone App 10/13/09 Wall Street Journal: Looking for obnoxious chauvinism? There’s an app for that. Immigrant Survivors Of Abuse Seek Freedom 10/13/09 Women’s eNews: Immigrant women suffering from domestic abuse face particularly high hurdles in finding protective services. In the Boston area, some are finding their way to safety. Jobs Wanted, Any Jobs At All 10/11/09 NY Times: Twins with journalism degrees have applied for 150 jobs and haven't had an interview in over a year. Fifteen Women Win National O-Cedar(R) Essay Contest 10/14/09 Reuters: Fifteen women emerged from 47,000 votes on over 700 essay entries as the 2009 winners of the O-Cedar "Hope Helpers Awards" national essay contest. A Heroine Of 'Capitalism' 10/8/09 Washington Post: Elizabeth Warren is far from a household name, but that could change quickly, given her debut on the big screen this week in Michael Moore's scathing assessment of the government's handling of the banking crisis. Women 'Not Saving Enough' 10/13/09 UKPA: Less than half of women are saving enough towards their retirement, with debts and children preventing them from setting aside more money. Egyptian Women Protest Ban On Austere Veil 10/14/09 CNN: A recent declaration by an Egyptian cleric that women will not be allowed to wear the niqab in university areas has sparked demonstrations by female students in Cairo. The International Violence Against Women Act: What Are We Waiting For? 10/12/09 WIP: According to the United Nations at least one in three women and girls around the world is beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime and some four million women and girls are trafficked annually into forced marriage, prostitution, or slavery. Report: Abortions Decline Worldwide 10/13/09 Christian Science Monitor: The decline in abortions corresponded with increased contraceptive use, though access to contraception remains uneven in the developing world. No Women Featured In NY Comedy Festival! No Joke! 10/11/09 Huffington Post: The New York Comedy Festival ad features ten men and no women. Ivanka Trump On Building A Brand 10/13/09 Business Week: The daughter of Donald Trump shares her strategies for success. Abolish Women's Chess Titles 10/14/09 Wall Street Journal: While competitive chess remains primarily a male activity, women have made impressive progress.