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WMC News Brief: Polk Award, Black Women and Abortion, 2009 Journalists’ Deaths

February 18, 2010

Filmers Of Iran Protest Death Win Polk Award In NY 2/16/10 Washington Post: The unnamed people who captured the shooting death of an Iranian protester have been chosen as winners of a George Polk Award, the first time the journalism prize has honored work produced anonymously. Stop Perpetuating Myths About Black Women And Abortion 2/18/10 RH Reality Check: Tom Quiner's Feb. 7 column on African-Americans and abortion perpetuates many of the myths pro-life groups use to attack family planning. As Saudi Women Meet Clinton, No Talk Of Rights 2/17/10 NY Times: Despite Clinton’s invitation to raise the issue over the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, none of the women in the audience asked her about it. CPJ: 2009 Deadly, Dangerous Year For Journalists, Bloggers Worldwide 2/16/10 Voice of America: The Committee to Protect Journalists says 2009 was the worst year for journalists' deaths in the nearly three decades. Bolivia's Women Remember BBC Journalist Lola Almudevar 2/18/10 BBC: Lola Almudevar was a freelance journalist working for the BBC in Bolivia when she was killed in a car accident in 2007. Tea Party Lights Fuse For Rebellion On Right 2/15/10 NY Times: More than populism, the movement is about a transformation from political indifference to bracing for tyranny. Sarah Palin And The Mutual Loathing Society 2/18/2010 Washington Post: Palin is united with the media in a relationship of mutual loathing. This is not her fault. But neither is it her validation. Study Shows Victim-Blaming Is Still A Trend Among Women 2/16/10 Feministing: Study finds that a larger percentage of women feel that women should take responsibility for when they have been raped and the circumstances that caused the rape. Iranians Protest Bill On Rights Of Women 2/18/10 NY Times: 1,200 Iranians signed a statement against a bill that would further curb women’s rights. Lula's Choice Set To Run In Brazil's Presidential Poll 2/18/10 BBC: Brazil is one step closer to having its first female president. Is Canada More Pro-Family Than America? 2/16/10 Christian Science Monitor: Canadian families get generous parental leave, childcare subsidies, and guaranteed healthcare. Iraqi Women Are Seeking Greater Political Influence 2/16/10 NY Times: For women in Iraq, the coming national elections offer both a promise and a reminder of the difficulty of change in this male-dominated culture. Malaysia Canes Three Women Over Extramarital Sex 2/17/10 BBC: They are the first women to receive such a sentence under Islamic law in the country. Women Launch Lingerie Boycott In Drive To Stop Salesmen From Sizing Them Up 2/17/10 LA Times: Saudi women have called for a two-week boycott of lingerie shops staffed by men. Merck: Studies Boost Gardasil For New Uses 2/17/10 Aol News: Gardasil was 89% effective in preventing HPV in women ages 24 - 45 and 78% effective against anal intraepithelial neoplasia, a precursor to anal cancer. Did "Family Guy's" Palin Joke Go Too Far? 2/16/10 Salon: As the Down syndrome gag hits a nerve, we realize: Sometimes, the former Alaska governor is actually right. Olympic-Sized Snub For Women Ski Jumpers 2/17/10 Fox: In 2006, the IOC denied women ski jumpers petition to be included in the 2010 winter games. Women’s Hockey Endures Growing Pains 2/18/10 NY Times: Others would prefer to eliminate women's hockey from the Olympics until the level of competition improves. But mismatches are like growing pains.