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WMC News Brief: Polanski, DV Awareness, UN Security Council

October 2, 2009

In Roman Polanski Case, Is It Hollywood Vs. Middle America? 10/01/09 LA Times: The national sentiment is running overwhelmingly against Polanski -- and the industry's support of the 76-year-old "Pianist" Oscar winner. Domestic Violence Awareness Month Focuses On Ending Violence Toward Women And Children 10/02/09 Central Michigan Life: Domestic Violence Awareness Month is intended to connect advocates nationwide working toward ending violence against women and their children. UN Security Council Condemns Sexual Violence In War 10/01/09 Ms. Magazine: The US-drafted resolution, passed unanimously by the Council, calls on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to appoint a team of experts to address the issue. Forget Healthcare, Let's Worry About Teen Sex! 09/30/09 Salon: The Senate Finance Committee approved a measure to restore $50 million of federal funding to abstinence-only sex education. Cambodia's Sochua Calls For Clinton To Act 10/02/09 Women's eNews: Embattled Cambodian lawmaker Mu Sochua faces potentially dangerous fallout from her recent U.S. tour. But she takes home what she calls a promise by Hillary Clinton, an old ally, to investigate the country's human rights abuses. Judge Rejects Challenge To Arizona Abortion Law 10/01/09 Courthouse News: A federal judge in Phoenix refused to block enforcement of an Arizona law that mandates a 24-hour waiting period before abortions can be performed or before doctors can get paid for those procedures. Security Firm Sued Over Alleged Bias Against Women 10/01/09 The Houston Chronicle: A Memphis, Tenn.-based security company bowed to the demands of clients who preferred male guards, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges. 'Brides' March' Marries Itself To Quest For Safety 10/01/09 Women's eNews: The Brides' March in northern Manhattan is in its ninth year of commemorating the slaying of Gladys Ricart on her wedding day. Rita Henley Jensen says she joined the event to express sadness about two recent headline murders in her neighborhood. Debunking The Mommy Myth 10/01/09 Washington Post: A recent census survey shows stay-at-home moms tend to be younger and less educated, with lower family incomes. So why does popular perception hold that a rising number of highly educated women are leaving high-powered jobs to raise their kids? A Dearth Of Women Philosophers 09/02/09 NY Times: Do women shun philosophy because of its climate of aggressive argumentation? Some academics think so. What Explains The ‘Mancession’? 09/30/09 NY Times: Millions of jobs lost during this recession have been especially concentrated in industries like manufacturing and construction, which disproportionately employ men. No, Not All Bi Women Love Threesomes: Silly Myths About Women And Bisexuality 10/01/09 AlterNet: Being bisexual means that you are attracted to members of both sexes, even if you’re not sleeping with them. Here are some things bisexuality doesn’t mean. Mauritanian Women Train For Entrepreneurship 09/02/09 Voice of America: In Mauritania, women often bear the brunt of the country's crushing poverty, but a local nonprofit organization is trying to change that by turning wives and mothers into entrepreneurs. Poll Power For Bahrain Women 10/01/09 Technology Marketing Corporation: A nationwide campaign is being launched to secure seats for women in parliament and all five municipal councils in next year's elections. Why You Need A Routine Mammogram 10/01/09 LA Times: Mammograms are not perfect detectors, but studies show it keeps death rates lower. CDC Reports 28 Flu Deaths Among Pregnant Women 09/02/09 Washington Post: Federal health officials reported Thursday that 100 pregnant women infected with the virus were hospitalized in intensive care units in the first four months of the outbreak, and 28 have died. Madonna, Motherhood, And Choices 10/01/09 Bitch: Madonna's appearance on Letterman last night gave me, if only fleetingly, the same warm and fuzzy feelings. Rugby’s Violent, But Fun, Women Say 10/02/09 Daily Item: Rugby’s a rough sport for hard men, right? Well, yes and no.