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WMC News Brief: Onion Abortion Satire, Infant Mortality, Haitian Tragedy

January 19, 2010

The Onion's Fox News Abortion Satire 1/15/10 Salon: Riffing on state laws that require clinics to perform ultrasounds on pregnant women before an abortion, The Onion News Network offers a brilliant satire of anti-choice arguments in favor of assuming women who want to terminate a pregnancy are ignorant or delusional. Tonya Lewis Lee Aims To Save Nation's Babies 1/18/10 Women's eNews: Tonya Lewis Lee, an award-winning TV producer, released the documentary "Crisis in the Crib" last year after learning of the high infant mortality rates among African Americans. The Human Face Of Haitian Tragedy 1/17/10 Huffington Post: CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric reflects on the three days she spent in Port-au-Prince, Haiti immediately following the earthquake there. Airline’s ‘Cougar’ Ad Blasted By Rape Victims 1/18/10 Reuters via MSNBC: An advert for an airline competition that portrays older, single women as "cougars" who prey on young men at night is to close after incurring the wrath of both male and female rape victims in New Zealand. Erica Hill Named CBS ‘Early Show' Newsreader 1/14/10 Broadcasting and Cable: Erica Hill will continue to serve as co-anchor of the Saturday edition of The Early Show and contribute to other CBS News broadcasts. Elizabeth Edwards Teeters On Her Pedestal 1/17/10 NY Times: In a new book about the 2008 presidential campaign, “Game Change,” Elizabeth Edwards is portrayed as “an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazy woman and nothing like her image as “St. Elizabeth.” For Women In The Work Force, Halfway Isn't Equal 1/19/10 Victoria Advocate: Saying that women are poised to hold half of all establishment payroll jobs is not the same as saying that women represent half of the work force. Modern Marriages: The Rise Of The Sugar Mama 1/19/10 NPR: A recent study finds that there's been a role reversal when it comes to men, women and the economics of marriage. Drowning Out Pat Robertson's Message Of Hate On Haiti With Voices Of Faith In Our Common Humanity 1/17/10 Cleveland News: Pat Robertson's hateful words have made their way to people who least deserve to hear them. The Best Interests Of The Fetus 1/14/10 Salon: Florida gave Samantha Burton's unborn child its own doctor and legal representation, while she got nothing. U.S."Millennial" Women Believe They Can Have It All 1/19/10 Reuters, UK: Most young women believe they will achieve a balance between a rewarding career and a fulfilling personal life, despite the economic upheaval and a legacy of corporate culture that favors men. In Germany, A Tradition Falls, And Women Rise 1/18/10 NY Times: Modern Germany may be run by a woman, Chancellor Angela Merkel, but it seems no coincidence that she is childless. The Good Mother, And Modern Politician 1/18/10 NY Times: In a country where statistically women have 1.38 children and only 6 percent of mothers return to full-time work after their second child; Ms. Von Der Leyen, first family minister in charge of labor, beggars belief. Microfinance Could Be Hazardous For Teens 1/19/10 Women's eNews: Microfinance is on the rise and not only reaching women, but a growing number of female teens. Uganda Opposition Figure Demands The Release Of Detained Women 1/18/10 Voice of America: A leading member of Uganda’s main opposition says the party is demanding the immediate release of 50 women who were arrested for calling for the resignation of the electoral commission chief Badru Kiggundu. The Iranian Exile’s Eye 1/17/10 NY Times: Nazila Fathi is an Iranian journalist now living in exile like hundreds of others like herself. Ban Women Wearing The Burka From Benefits And Public Transport, Demands French Government Spokesman 1/19/10 Daily Mail, UK: UMP party spokesman Frederic Lefebvre has demanded that any woman wearing a burka be 'deprived of her rights'. A New Treatment To Help Women Avoid Hysterectomy 1/19/10 Wall Street Journal: More than 200,000 hysterectomies are performed in the U.S. each year for fibroids. However a new alternative, radiofrequency ablation, may save many women who are not ready to surrender their uterus. Narrowing An Eating Disorder 1/18/10 NY Times: Ednos is diagnosed in 4 percent of American women each year. HPV Test 'Can Cut Cervical Cancer Deaths' Say Experts 1/19/10 BBC: Cervical cancer deaths could be cut if a different screening test was used in the first instance rather than smear tests for over-35s. Pseudo-Science And Pseudo-Sympathy In The Abortion And Breast Cancer Debate 1/19/10 RH Reality Check: The pseudo-scientific nonsense about abortion and breast cancer has grown so out of control that even pro-science folks have had to denounce the anti-choicers spreading this myth. Gender Testing Hangs Before The Games As A Muddled And Vexing Mess 1/16/10 NY Times: Medical specialists and representatives of the International Olympic Committee will attempt to conclude what test should be used to determine whether an athlete competes as a man or a woman?