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WMC News Brief: NYC LGBT Center, Marriage Equality Group Rivalry, Middle East

September 16, 2009

NYC LGBT Center Announces New Executive Director 09/15/09 Edge: The LGBT Community Center in New York today announced it has appointed Glennda Testone as its first woman executive director. California Marriage Equality Groups Risk Rights For Petty Rivalry 09/14/09 Feministing: A rivalry between California's two largest marriage equality organizations to publicly define the timeline of repealing Proposition 8 has become a bitter spat that threatens to cripple the effort. Middle East Peace Effort's Missing Key: Female Negotiators. 09/15/09 Christian Science Monitor: While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and representatives of the Middle East Quartet debate whether evictions of Palestinian families are a barrier or catalyst to a two-state solution, Israeli and Palestinian women alike confront the realities of the conflict on the ground. Katharine Weymouth Steps In It Again 09/15/09 Slate: A Washington Post piece gets spiked after its publisher expresses a preference for happier stories. As God Made Her, But Raped By Media 09/16/09 Toronto Star: Caster Semenya's privacy and private parts have been violated in the most public way. Not only were the results of her humiliating gender tests leaked to the media, she only learned of them from news reports. You’ve heard of trial by media? This is rape by media. Techcrunch50: How To Pitch To Women In A Room Full Of Dudes 09/15/09 CNET: Nobody was expecting the audience at the TechCrunch 50 event to be full of women. 15 Years Later, The Violence Against Women Act 09/15/09 The Gov Monitor: President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation lauding the 15th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. Health Care What-Ifs 09/16/09 NY Times: As the nation’s chief diplomat, Mrs. Clinton is precluded from any substantial public role in managing the politics or the substance of health care legislation. L.B.J.’S Daughter Defends Medicare, Her Father’s Legacy 09/15/09 NY Times: While everyone is talking about Medicare, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb is stepping up to remind everyone that it was her father, former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed Medicare into law in the first place. Kansas: Anti-Abortion Struggles 09/15/09 AP via NY Times: The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue has told its supporters it is facing a “major financial crisis” and is close to shutting down unless emergency help arrives soon. Helping Women Get Ahead 09/16/09 CNN: Boston Consulting Group's aim to help women succeed in the male-dominated world of consulting is why it's No. 3 on the Best Companies to Work For list. Crystal Lee Sutton, The Real-Life ‘Norma Rae,’ Is Dead At 68 09/15/09 NY Times: Crystal Lee Sutton, the union organizer whose real-life stand on her worktable at a textile factory in North Carolina in 1973 was the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning movie “Norma Rae,” died Friday in Burlington, N.C. She was 68. Women Should Not Have To Wear High Heels At Work, Says TUC 09/15/09 Guardian, UK: Delegates back call for risk assessments on women wearing high heels at work, despite claims such a move would result in union members being portrayed as killjoys. UN Commissioner Urges Move Forward On Women's Rights 09/15/09 The National: “Women’s rights continue to be curtailed in too many countries,” and efforts must be made to address this, said Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights during her keynote speech to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. 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Africa Climate Change Threatens Life And Health Of Maasai Women 09/14/09 Women News Network: The Maasai are struggling with frequent water shortages which are threatening their way of life. But one women’s group is taking action. In Uganda, Rioters Strip Women Wearing Trousers 09/15/09 Women's eNews: Rioters attacked and stripped about 20 Ugandan women who were wearing trousers last week during deadly riots in Kampala. The humiliations were part of a major confrontation between a traditional kingdom and President Yoweri Museveni's government. Documentary Showcases Women's Role In Ending Liberia's Civil War 09/16/09 Voice Of America: Liberian women from all religious and academic backgrounds played a courageous role to end the country's bloody civil war which lasted from 1989 to 2003. Indian Women Find New Peace In Rail Commute 09/16/09 NY Times: The problems of taunting and harassment on the trains, known as eve teasing, are so persistent that in recent months the government has decided to simply remove men altogether. Zimbabwe:  Celebration Of Women's Lives, Histories 09/16/09 All Africa: Women controlled their economies, they passed on education, stories to children, they collected information, they were religious leaders, community leaders, and they participated and influenced the governing of the country. Women Rise In Seafaring Ranks 09/16/09 AP: Women like Aysun Akbay, a 24-year-old Turk, are slowly making inroads into the upper levels of seafaring, a profession more resistant than most to female command. Thoughts On Women And The Eid Prayer 09/15/09 Altmuslimah: South African Indian Muslims have followed in the footsteps of their ancestors, and continue to perpetrate injustice to women with regards to sacred space, amongst other things. Implantable Defibrillator Results May Vary For Women, As Do Many Heart Factors 09/15/09 LA Times: Just because implantable defibrillators have been found to prevent sudden cardiac death in heart failure patients in general doesn't mean they reduce mortality in female patients specifically. Risks: Breast Cancer Drugs Bear Health Cautions 09/15/09 NY Times: Women who take drugs like raloxifene or tamoxifen can reduce their risk of developing invasive breast cancer by up to half, but they may be at greater risk for potentially serious blood clots, according to a new paper that reviews the risks and benefits of the drugs. Fertility And Women With Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer 09/15/09 NJ News Room: Young women with early-stage ovarian cancer can preserve fertility without compromising the success and effectiveness of surgical treatment. Serena's Outburst Common Among Athletes -- But Not Women 09/15/09 Sports Illustrated: I can't help but think that the outrage unleashed toward Williams in the past two days has something to do with her gender. This Woman’s Work 09/16/09 Slam: The WNBA is about to complete its 13th season and Lisa’s been there since its conception, playing every season with the Los Angeles franchise. Lisa Leslie is the Los Angeles Sparks and she embodies the WNBA.