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WMC News Brief: NY Post, Georgia Prostitution, Iranian Women's Rights

October 7, 2009

NY Post Fires Editor Critical Of Racist Obama-Stimulus Cartoon 10/07/09 Huffington Post: A New York Post editor who spoke out against a controversial cartoon the paper ran comparing the author of the president's stimulus package to a dead chimpanzee has been fired from her job. Georgia Reaches Out to Girls Lost in 'the Life' 10/07/09 Women's eNews: A new program in Georgia helps prostituted girls and teens find a way out of "the life." Eight juveniles have been in the program since July and state officials expect that number to grow. Iranian Women's Rights Activists Win Courage Award 10/06/09 Reuters: A group of women who are risking imprisonment to collect one million signatures on a petition demanding greater women's rights in Iran were presented with the Anna Politkovskaya award for courage. Conde Nast Closing 'Gourmet,' 3 Other Magazines 10/05/09 NPR: Conde Nast Publications announced Monday that it will close Gourmet, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, and Cookie in an effort to deal with a large dip in advertising. German Women's Magazine To Ban Professional Models 10/06/09 Feministing: Germany's most popular women's magazine's announced their intention to omit professional models from their pages in an effort to combat unrealistic social beauty standards. Female Road Warrior Asks, "What Are Hotels Doing To Protect Me?" 10/07/09 USA Today: The Erin Andrews case has caused some women to lose faith in hotel privacy and security. First Blood: Introducing "Menstrual Activism" 10/06/09 Salon: Does the embarrassment many women feel arise from a negative cultural stance toward menstruation? And do we need a concerted effort to address it? Working Mothers Struggle To Balance Home, Office Roles 10/06/09 Sacramento Bee: Ask a working mother how she's doing and you probably will be lied to. Why It Wasn’t A Small Step For Women 10/07/09 NY Times: Female astronaut candidates in the program outscored men, so why were there no females on Apollo 11? Gadget To Help Women Feign Virginity Angers Many In Egypt 10/07/09 LA Times: Conservatives condemn the Artificial Virginity Hymen Kit as technology that will promote promiscuity. Others say the furor over the device raises disturbing questions about double standards. Pakistan Seeks Long U.S. Commitment 10/06/09 CNN: Pakistani Foreign Minister met with Hillary Clinton and urged the U.S. to articulate a long-term vision for the region, amid debate over U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Five Women Named To Greek Cabinet 10/07/09 Boston Globe: Greek PM announced that the new cabinet will include many women and the merging of several ministries. Women Call For Affirmative Action Now 10/06/09 Ghana News: Affirmative Action Plan advocates have called on government and other institutions to show more commitment towards increasing women's participation and representation at all levels of leadership positions. Single Women Band Together To Fight For Their Rights 10/07/09 Times of India: India may be on its way to becoming a superpower but for millions of abandoned, deserted or separated women across the country, the struggle to live life with dignity continues. Midwife Connection: Should Pregnant Women Take The H1N1 Vaccine? 10/05/09 RH Reality Check: Pregnancy is a time to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and unnecessary medications. So, why make an exception for a new vaccine? Men Sleep On Mars, Women On Venus 10/06/09 NY Times: Elderly women may complain about insomnia, but they really get more sleep than men their age. Serena Returns To Summit Of Women's Tennis 10/06/09 CNN: Serena Williams regained her world No. 1 women's tennis ranking after cruising into the third round of the China Open.