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WMC News Brief: Newspaper Circulation Decline, Arizona Conscience Clause, Global Investment In Women

October 28, 2009

U.S. Newspaper Circulation Falls 10% 10/27/09 NY Times: Figures show weekday sales down more than 10 percent since last year. Are Conscience Clauses Ethical? 10/16/09 Feminists For Choice: Arizona recently passed a law that allows health care workers and pharmacists to refuse women access to reproductive health care if they feel that it goes against their conscience. Fund Plans To Invest In Companies With Women As Directors 10/27/09 NY Times: A Swiss investment company plans to raise awareness about the shortage of women on corporate boards around the world and generate returns for its investors in the process. Promoting Gourmet, Even After Its Death In Print Media 10/28/09 NY Times: The closing of Gourmet early this month continues to have ripple effects. Palin Paid $1.25M For "Going Rogue" By Time She Left Office 10/27/09 Huffington Post: Sarah Palin reported that she has received at least $1.25 million for her upcoming memoir "Going Rogue." Obama Not Comfortable With Women In Basketball, Golf ... Or Anywhere Else 10/27/09 U.S. News: Reports surface that gender-insensitivity charges have resonated with the Obama White House. First, Second Ladies To Attend World Series 10/27/09 NY Times: Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will attend the opening game of the World Series at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night as part of their effort to encourage Americans to support military families. Has Feminism Made Women Unhappy? 10/28/09 Socialist Worker: Another study is out to show how the women's movement ruined women's lives. Kids See Housework As Women’s Domain 10/27/09 NY Times: More research on chores shows that not only do girls do more of them than boys, but also that the time kids spend on them is directly related to the number of hours their father is at work. Women's Conference Draws Nation's Top Leaders 10/28/09 San Francisco Chronicle: Shriver welcomed nearly 15,000 women gathered for the annual nonpartisan Women's Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center. Do Men Accept Women's New Role In Workplace? 10/28/09 Miami Herald: What are real guys saying about women overtaking them in the workplace? Female Cartoonist's Provocative Work Challenges Saudi Society 10/28/09 CNN: For Saudi Arabia's lone female cartoonist drawing is more than just satire, it's "a duty." Former Sex Slaves Urge Japan PM To Resolve Issue 10/28/09 AP: Japan's new PM should keep his word and give official apology and compensation to women across Asia who were forced into sex slavery during World War II. Iceland Leads On Gender Equality 10/27/09 BBC: Iceland is the country that has made the most progress in closing the gender gap, knocking Norway off the top spot. Do Women Need Such Big Flu Shots? 10/28/09 NY Times: Under current guidelines, men and women are to get equal-sized doses of the H1N1 vaccine. Yet women’s bodies generate a stronger antibody response than men’s do, so less vaccine may be needed to immunize them. Women Struggle To Quit Depo-Provera 10/26/09 ABC: Birth control injections have long safety record, but no tests on so-called withdrawal symptoms. Women In Sports Journalism: Passionate Personality 10/28/09 Daily North Western: Though the realms of organized athletics and sports journalism are still widely dominated by men, these women have helped make strides toward equality. The Netherlands: History Can Wait, Sailor Decides 10/27/09 NY Times: A 14-year-old Dutch girl hopes to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe solo. I.O.C. To Convene Gender Summit 10/27/09 NY Times: The International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that it would gather a group of experts to discuss how to handle future cases of gender ambiguity.