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WMC News Brief: NBC, Clinton, Sudan

September 9, 2009

At NBC’s Site For Women, A True Makeover 09/07/09 NY Times: The Web site iVillage is getting another makeover. This time, its executives say they are convinced they have the right look for the site for women that have struggled to fit into the NBC Universal world since the company paid a hefty $600 million for it three years ago. Secretary Clinton Focuses On Women's Rights 09/08/09 Voice Of America: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear that she plans to make women's issues a higher priority in U.S. foreign policy than ever before. Sudan Court Fines Woman For Wearing Trousers 09/08/09 NY Times: A Sudanese woman who wore pants in public was fined the equivalent of $200 but spared a whipping on Monday when a court found her guilty of violating Sudan’s decency laws. Amanpour To Host CNN Talk Show 09/08/09 Variety: Cabler has greenlit "Amanpour" to be telecast several times a week on the cabler's international channel and on Stateside CNN at 2 p.m. ET Sundays. Program debuts Sept. 21 on CNN Intl. and Sept. 27 in the U.S. Former Vibe Editor Resurfaces At The Root 09/08/09 NY Times: Danyel Smith, a novelist and former editor in chief of Vibe magazine, was named today the new executive editor of the Root, an online magazine of politics and culture aimed at a black audience. SNL's Michaela Watkins 'Just Too Classically Pretty To Be Hilarious'? 09/09/09 National Public Radio: If you ever wonder why it's particularly difficult for women to succeed on SNL, consider just the assumptions found in a Washington Post Article. The Newest Justice Takes Her Seat 09/08/09 NY Times: The real work begins on Wednesday, when Justice Sotomayor will hear her first argument, at an unusual summer session of the court. Palin On The Bureaucratization Of Health Care 09/08/09 CBS: In an op-ed published Tuesday evening by the Wall Street Journal, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin argued that President Barack Obama's health care plan would allow unelected bureaucrats to "make decisions affecting life or death health-care matters." Seldom-Heard Compliment For Atlanta’s Mayor: ‘You Were Right’ 09/08/09 NY Times: Over the last 18 months, it has seemed as if the recession is foreclosing on yet another victim: the legacy of Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta, the first black woman to lead a major city in the South. Why High Tech Needs Women Executives 09/08/09 Computerworld: Companies are beginning to recognize that gender balancing is good for business and the corporations that are taking actions to identify, promote and retain high-potential women are reaping the benefits. U.N. Tackles Universal Problem For Women: Divorce 09/06/09 Women's eNews: Women the world over lose out financially in divorce, say custodians of the U.N. treaty on women's rights. That's why they are reviewing what CEDAW says on the matter, with a new general recommendation expected next year. Church Of Kerala: Promote Women Without Humiliating Them With "Nudity" 09/09/09 Asia News: The bishops of the Indian state propose initiatives for women. Access to the world of work and politics, combating domestic violence and the phenomena of male chauvinism. Total Literacy For Women In Five Years, Promises PM 09/08/09 Hindustani Times, India: "Female literacy is absolutely necessary to empower the Indian woman in her every day struggle in dealing with multiple deprivations on the basis of class, caste and gender," Manmohan Singh elaborated. Congo: Men Told Not To Shun Raped Women 09/09/09 Washington Times: Until the men of the Democratic Republic of the Congo begin to treat sensitivity courses as more than a joke or a tiresome obligation, it is doubtful that this nation will see a serious reduction in sexual crimes against women. Defence Scientists Putting Women To The Test 09/09/09 ABC News, Australia: Australia's top Defence scientist says his organisation will fully test the strength, endurance and power of women soldiers to measure whether they can serve effectively in frontline combat. Why Do So Many Dutch Women Work Part Time? 09/08/09 NY Times: Like a financial system that suddenly stops working, women in the Netherlands have for some time confounded economists. Despite ample incentives, they only want to work part time. Go Red For Women And NBC Team Up To Help Women 'Choose To Live' 09/09/09 Reuters: The American Heart Association's Go Red For Women is teaching women across the country how to make small - yet life-saving - choices for their hearts in a new 30-minute NBC television special, "Go Red For Women Presents - Choose To Live!" Pregnancy: Clinic In Rural Peru Draws More Women By Following Local Childbirth Traditions 09/08/09 NY Times: Working with local people, members of a nongovernmental group, Health Unlimited, changed childbirth delivery services at a clinic in the Santillana district. Drug Improves Sleep Of Women With Hot Flashes 09/09/09 LA Times: The study, published today in the Journal of Women's Health, found that the drug gabapentin improved sleep quality in women experiencing hot flashes. The NYT Issue On Women: Refocusing The Media's Spotlight On "Invisibles" At Home 09/09/09 RH Reality Check: The NYTimes’ devotion of an entire issue of its magazine to the book’s publication provoked responses of all kinds, including a certain consternation that it took a man’s work on the issue to convert the Times folks into believers. Marrying George Clooney - Beyond The Blurb 09/08/09 Huffington Post: This gut-wrenching look at intimate relationships will resonate with readers because of the universality of its raw emotion, clarity of vision and self-revealing courage. Sex Test Runner Gets A Girly Makeover 09/08/09 Salon: What's an exceptional female athlete to do when her masculine appearance threatens her livelihood and tabloid headlines the world over begin questioning her biological sex? Get a super-femme makeover! For First Time At Saratoga, A Woman Is The Top Trainer 09/08/09 NY Times: The weekend of the female star continued Monday at Saratoga Race Course. Two days after Rachel Alexandra became the first filly to win the Woodward Stakes, Linda Rice became the first woman to win a training title at Saratoga or any top-tier racetrack. Nike Golf Helps Suzann Pettersen To Canadian Women's Open Win 09/09/09 World Golf: Pettersen's victory represents the first win by a Nike Golf athlete on the LPGA Tour in 2009. England's Women Are Pitch Perfect 09/09/09 Guardian, UK:  England will play Germany in the final of the European Championship in Helsinki, and the national media are once again handling Hope Powell's team with the unacquainted fascination of David Attenborough thumbing a new species.