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WMC News Brief: NBC, Abortion, Israel

September 30, 2009

NBC Plans Special Week of Coverage on Women 09/29/09 NY Times: NBC News will devote a significant amount of time and attention next month to the changing roles of contemporary women, much of it based on a study initiated by Maria Shriver. Abortion Fight Complicates Debate on Health Care 09/28/09 NY Times: As if it were not complicated enough, the debate over health care in Congress is becoming a battlefield in the fight over abortion. Israel, Hamas In Mutual Gestures On Prisoners 09/30/09 Washington Post: Israel will free 20 Palestinian women from jail as early as Friday in exchange for a videotape from Hamas proving an Israeli soldier held in the Gaza Strip since 2006 is alive. Daily Beast Seeks To Publish Faster 09/29/09 NY Times: Having ramped up her metabolism from magazines to online journalism with The Daily Beast, Tina Brown now wants to speed up book publishing. New Abortion Laws Halted 09/30/09 Arizona Republic: A Maricopa County Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday against new abortion restrictions passed by the Legislature, preventing two laws from going into effect today as planned. Biden Commemorates Violence Against Women Act Associated Press: Women's groups gathered at Vice President Joe Biden's home Tuesday night to toast the 15th anniversary of landmark legislation aimed at eliminating violence against women. Time Deserved For A Crime Committed 09/29/09 NY Times: “They gave him a standing ovation at an awards ceremony a couple of years ago,” said Ms. Lloyd, the founder of the Girls Educational and Mentoring Service, an organization that looks after girls and young women in New York who have been sexually exploited. “I couldn’t believe that.” Mythbusters: Who Says Women Can't Do Math And Science? 09/29/09 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Look at Wall Street, where the lawyers and M.B.A.s who became the industry's highest-ranking female executives — Morgan Stanley's Zoe Cruz and Lehman Brothers' Erin Callan, for example — have been fired, demoted or made into scapegoats in recent years. It now appears that having a background in science, rather than in business and finance, is a more promising path to advancement for women in business. The Women Of The Chicago Labor Movement 09/29/09 Chicago Sun Times: Although men still dominate the top tier of organized labor in the Chicago region, women are gaining ground in leadership roles. School Librarians Won't Let Censors Throw The Book At Them 09/30/09 Cleveland Live: We call them school librarians, but in these contentious times, I'm inclined to call them heroes. Chicago's Women & Children Inspires Three Decades of Writers and Readers 09/29/09 Huffington Post: After the explosion of chain bookstores and a changing political climate, there are a mere seven indie bookstores remaining. Bubon says, "This is a national issue. If these seven stores disappear, an entire culture will be lost.” Anti-Choice Vigil Reveals Paradox Of Prayer And Militancy 09/30/09 RH Reality Check: Audra Reiff's enthusiasm for denying women contraceptive care is matched only by the community's apparent disinterest in her crusade. Education Paves The Road To Women's Equality 09/30/09 Vancouver Sun: Peace summit's closing session points way to more inclusive future. These Brewers Put The Ale In Female 09/29/09 Kansas City Star: In other parts of the world — Europe, Africa and South America — women have traditionally been the brewers of beer, says Teri Fahrendorf, president and founder of the Pink Boots Society, an organization of women professionals in the beer industry. The New Power Girls: Diane Von Furstenberg, AMEX And Women Entrepreneurs Share What Small Business Needs, Plus Introducing Npgdaily.Com 09/29/09 Huffington Post: "Any time you put three women in a room to discuss business, I'm interested," said Von Furstenberg. Kashmir Girl Fights Off Militants 09/29/09 BBC: A teenage girl says she killed a militant with his own gun after insurgents attacked their home in Indian-administered Kashmir. Bolivia: Promoting Reproductive Health Through Intercultural Approaches 09/30/09 RH reality Check: Many projects supported by international organizations have been implemented over the past decades with very low success in terms of maternal mortality decrease. Currently, the government is developing a new strategy based on intercultural reproductive health care approach. United Nations Focuses On Congo Rape Crisis 09/30/09 Washington Times: There will be no end to the ravages imposed on women and girls in eastern Congo until firm laws are put into place and enforced with trained police and honest judges, the U.N. human rights chief says. Court Ends Terrorism Case Against Zimbabwe Activist 09/28/09 NY Times: Zimbabwe’s Supreme Court tossed out terrorism charges against the prominent human rights activist Jestina Mukoko on Monday, ruling that she herself had been terrorized when state security agents abducted and tortured her. Ghana’s Kayayo Girls Do Heavy Lifting 09/27/09 Global Post: The Kayayo are young women, sometimes girls, who work as porters, carrying heavy loads on their heads. At times, their words and their actions tell two different stories. Zimbabwe:  Women De-Mystify Mbira Music 09/30/09 All Africa: The socially constructed patriarchal structures have made it difficult for women to enjoy the cultural space and create their own niche. But through this orchestrated confusion the women musicians have made great strides and are ambassadors of Zimbabwean music to the outside world. Police Warn Girls On Hiding Guns 09/30/09 BBC: Young women are being warned not to hide guns for their boyfriends, brothers or male friends in a new campaign by the Metropolitan police. Risks: Diabetes Tied To Heart Rhythm In Women 09/29/09 NY Times: A new study finds that diabetes significantly increases a woman’s risk of developing atrial fibrillation, a common and potentially dangerous irregular heart rhythm that doctors often miss. Mid-Life Obesity Predicts Women's Later Health Woes 09/30/09 Washington Post: A study published online last night in the British Medical Journal shows that women who are overweight in midlife are at increased risk of various health problems, from chronic diseases to cognitive impairment, once they pass age 70. Spiritual Women Have More Sex 09/30/09 Fox: Is it sexy to be spiritual? New research has found that spirituality has a greater effect on the sex lives of young adults, especially women; than religion, impulsivity, or alcohol. Stressing Hardcover Sales, Publisher Delays E-Book Of Sarah Palin Memoir 09/30/09 Wall Street Journal: The Harper imprint of News Corp.'s HarperCollins Publishers said Tuesday it is pushing up publication of Sarah Palin's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life," to Nov. 17 from next spring. Kahlo Trove: Fact Or Fakery? 09/29/09 NY Times: In a back room tucked behind an antique gallery in this cobblestone mountain town there is a shrine to the painter Frida Kahlo. Experts in Mexico, the United States and Europe say that the objects are fake. Christie Hefner: Feminist Nightmare? 09/29/09 Salon: Don't expect her to get much feminist sympathy. Serena Williams’ Ad Deals Survive Her Outburst On Court 09/29/09 NY Times: In the wake of Serena Williams’ profanity-laced outburst at the United States Open on Sept. 12, when she threatened to shove a tennis ball down a line judge’s throat, some pondered the fate of her endorsement deals.