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WMC News Brief: Letterman’s Women Viewers, Social Networking, Guinea Massacre

October 5, 2009

Will Women Viewers Turn Away From Letterman? 10/04/09 Associated Press: A crude joke about Sarah Palin's daughter and sexual relationships with "Late Show" staff members are likely to hit his reputation hardest with women. Why Women Dominate Social Networking 10/04/09 CNET: LinkedIn and YouTube statistics show some equality, whereas Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr and MySpace, to name but a few, are dominated by females. Women Allege Rape During Guinea Massacre 10/05/09 AFP: Women caught up in a massacre of opposition protesters in Guinea alleged they had been raped by soldiers behind the bloodbath that the United Nations says left more than 150 people dead. Latinas Using Social Networking Sites To Share Experiences 10/04/09 USA Today: Rebecca Aguilar started Wise Latinas Linked, a social networking group on Facebook, to portray "wise Latinas" as role models. Good Morning Moms: Who's Going To Replace Diane On GMA? 10/04/09 Huffington Post: The network execs who decide such matters are, highly paid, mostly male, mostly white, TV media people who live in New York. Yet they have to choose a host that will resonate with a suburban housewife in Snellville, a teacher in Omaha and waitress in Tucson. US Responds To Sri Lanka Protest Over Clinton Remark AFP: "We've seen rape used as a tactic of war before in Bosnia, Burma and Sri Lanka and elsewhere," said Clinton during a resolution calling for an end to sexual violence in armed conflict, according to published reports of Clinton's remarks. Mayor's Race Is Short On Women 10/05/09 Louisville Courier Journal: So far no viable women have stepped forward to run in either the Republican or the Democratic primary in the 2010 Louisville mayoral primaries. Gender Gap in Schooling Measures Pendulum's Motion 10/04/09 Women's eNews: Young U.S. women are finishing high school, attending college and earning degrees at higher rates than men. A boys' educational crisis, two-income families and rising divorce rates help explain the widening gaps, onlookers say. Local Women Business Leaders Strive To Lead Way To Recovery 10/05/09 Miami Herald: For the past decade, women  have seized on opportunity in every niche of business in South Florida, placing the region at the leading edge of the nation in the number of women-owned start-ups. Abandoning 'Women And Children' Middle East Online: UN Security Council Resolution 1888 is a welcome intervention against sexual violence and rape as weapons of war. But the phrase “women and children”, a patriarchal, disempowering categorization, must be abandoned. Bigamy, Conversion And Women's Rights In India 10/05/09 RH Reality Check:  Neither is bigamy common only among the Muslim community and nor is there enough evidence to suggest that every Muslim man who enters a bigamous relationship does ‘equal’ justice to all his spouses. Is It Discriminatory To Require Women To Wear Makeup In The Workplace? 10/05/09 Guardian, UK: On the strength of the courts' approach to sex discrimination in dress codes thus far, it would not be easy to challenge to a company policy requiring women to wear make-up. Marital Rape: Still An Underreported Crime In India 10/05/09 Women's International Perspective: Regardless of culture, status or religion, women across the world continue to show reluctance in pressing charges against the rapist when the culprit is their spouse. Cherie Blair: Celebrating Britain's Successful Women 10/05/09 Guardian, UK: Cherie Blair explains why women-only awards are still relevant and important today. More On The HPV Vaccine For Men 10/02/09 Feministing: Although men and women have equal chances of getting genital warts, a symptom of HPV, they don't have equal access to testing or vaccinations, which are not widely available for men. Are You Happy With The Shape Of Your Bikini Wax? 10/02/09 Truthout: The hard-won rights, opportunities, and advantages of feminism  were supposed to have netted women more than just another burdensome role to play. Unpublished Palin Memoir Already No. 1 10/03/09 Canadian Broadcasting Center: Going Rogue: An American Life went on pre-order this week and soon hit the top of's Top 100 list as well as Barnes & Noble orders.