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WMC News Brief: Le Monde, Martha Coakley, Human Trafficking

January 21, 2010

Le Monde Appoints First Woman As Top Editor 1/19/10 New York Times: Le Monde, widely considered France’s newspaper of record, appointed a woman as executive editor on Monday, a first in its 65-year history. Coakley Criticism Proves Stereotypes Still Hurt Female Candidates 1/21/10 RH Reality Check: Female candidates can't be too emotional, too cold, or too warm. Our society has developed so many extreme stereotypes for women that we no longer know how to respond. Abu Dhabi Court Jails 13 For Trafficking Moroccan Women 1/19/10 BBC: A court in Abu Dhabi has jailed 13 Syrians for trafficking Moroccan women – some as young as 19 – to the United Arab Emirates to work as prostitutes. New York Times Website To Charge 1/20/10 BBC: The paper has announced that it is to charge for full access to its website in 2011 with a metered system, allowing readers free access to some articles, before charging for additional content. Michelle Obama: The New Face Of Haiti? 1/20/10 The Root: Haiti will need help long after the television cameras have focused their attention elsewhere. But there’s one person who can keep the Caribbean nation in the spotlight. The Sequel No One Saw Coming: Sarah Palin To Campaign With Mccain 1/20/10 Christian Science Monitor: Sarah Palin announced Wednesday that she will campaign for Sen. John McCain, her former presidential running mate, as he bids for another term in the Senate. Roundup: Women's Status In 2010 At The Ballot Box 1/20/10 RH Reality Check: Everyone is still hashing over the news of Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts; what does it mean, and where are we going? Cindy McCain Digs Gay Marriage 1/20/10 Following in the footsteps of her daughter, McCain is becoming yet another Republican supporter of same-sex marriage. Dr. Tiller: The Lost Tapes 1/20/10 Salon: In never-before-seen footage, the slain abortion provider explains his career choice. NARAL Says Va. Crisis Pregnancy Centers Mislead Women 1/20/10 Richmond Times-Dispatch: A year-long investigation by the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation found that the crisis pregnancy centers are seeking to intimidate women into not choosing an abortion, sometimes at risk to their health. Haiti's Women In The Aftermath Of Disaster 1/19/10 Huffington Post: Violence against women is an unaddressed catastrophe in Haiti. Who will ensure their protection in the aftermath of disaster? Women's Fitness Center Forced To Close In Saudi Arabia 1/20/10 ABC News: Local reports say that Saudi health authorities have closed down a women’s fitness center in Jeddah, with officials saying it is illegal to run health clubs or fitness centers for women in the country. Spain Aims To Boost EU Gender Equality 1/20/10 BBC: Euro MPs have applauded a pledge by Spain to promote sexual equality in Europe and fight gender-based violence during its six-month EU presidency. Arrests For A Revealing Dance Pit Flesh Against Faith 1/19/10 New York Times: The arrest of four women for “sexy dancing” during a party in Bandung, Indonesia has raised worries that it may be the prelude to the imposition of wider restrictions in the country. Harriet Harman Puts Class At Heart Of Election Battle 1/20/10 The Guardian: Labour deputy Harriet Harman will reopen the politically explosive debate over class by insisting that it remains the single biggest factor in determining individual achievement. Refuges, For Women Only 1/20/10 Philadelphia Enquirer: In a society where man cave is a household term - and a household necessity - the modern building industry has yet to offer respite for women. "Big Love" And "Good" Patriarchy 1/20/10 RH Reality Check: The television show "Big Love" is an off-kilter allegory, a story about a persecuted marginal group that, according to liberal sensibilities, may well deserve to be given a hard time. Hockey India To Give Rs 50,000 Each To Women Players 1/21/10 Times of India: The Indian women hockey team's silent protest over non-payment of dues seemed to have worked as Hockey India decided to immediately release a cash reward of Rs 50,000 each for the players of the ongoing national camp in Bhopal. Medical Miracle Nears A Milepost 1/19/10 New York Times: In the dozen years since brain surgery brought relief from debilitating epileptic seizures, Diane Van Deren has become one of the world’s top endurance runners. I.O.C. Panel Calls For Treatment In Sex Ambiguity Cases 1/20/10 New York Times: A panel of medical experts convened by the International Olympic Committee recommended Wednesday that the issue of athletes whose sex seems ambiguous be treated as a medical concern and not one of fairness in competition.