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WMC News Brief: Kathryn Bigelow, Utah Miscarriage Bill, International Women’s Day

March 8, 2010

Bigelow Pioneers Oscars With `Hurt Locker' Win 3/8/10 AP: Bigelow is the first woman ever to win the directing Oscar. Utah Continues Reckless Efforts To Lock Up Pregnant Women 3/7/10 RH Reality Check: A Utah legislator withdrew a bill that would have allowed sentences of up to life in prison for a woman who experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth as a result of her “reckless” behavior. World Marks International Women's Day 3/8/10 CNN: The world marks International Women's Day, an annual celebration that highlights their economic, political and social achievements. Good Housekeeping Puts On A Show To Celebrate Women 3/8/10 NY Times: The show reflects efforts by media companies to go beyond traditional realms of the printed page. Christiane Amanpour For 'This Week'? 3/6/10 Politico: Still searching for a permanent host for “This Week,” ABC News is in talks with Christiane Amanpour. Arkansas’s Senator In Middle, Hit On All Sides 3/8/10 NY Times: Senator Blanche Lincoln is caught between antigovernment ire and the frustrated left. Letting Women Reach Women In Afghan War 3/7/10 NY Times: Female Marines at Camp Pendleton will be sent to Helmand Province to try to win over rural Afghan women. Risk And Opportunity For Women In 21st Century 3/5/10 NY Times: Many obstacles women face in general are starkly crystallized in scientific and technological professions. Women Pilots From World War II To Be Honored 3/8/10 LA Times: The groundbreaking Women Airforce Service Pilots who were buried without military honors and long denied benefits will now receive the Congressional Gold Medal. Lessons At Indian Hospital About Births 3/7/10 NY Times: Tuba City hospital, with about 500 births a year, could probably teach the rest of the country a few things about obstetrical care. Pro-Women Bill Hits Hurdles In Indian Parliament 3/8/10 CNN: Angry protests disrupted India's parliament over a landmark but contentious bill aimed at reserving one-third of seats for women in federal and state legislatures. Departing Chilean President Defends Government’s Actions After Quake 3/7/10 NY Times: President Michelle Bachelet defends her government against charges that it had put politics before people’s needs. Rape Victims Awaiting Justice 3/7/10 Daily Nation: two years after the post-election chaos in Nairobi, many women who suffered sexual violence and abuse are still waiting for justice. U.S. Sees A Terror Threat; Pakistanis See A Heroine 3/6/10 BBC: Aafia Siddiqui has become a national symbol of honor and victimization in Pakistan. A Writer Invites Russia To Engage Its Painful Past 3/6/10 NY Times: Yelena S. Chizhova is hoping that Russian artists are ready to address the good and evil of the Soviet past. Firms 'Missing Out On Female Talent', WEF Report Says 3/8/10 BBC: The world's leading firms are failing to make the most of the talents of their female workforce. A Female Approach To Peacekeeping 3/6/10 NY Times: As modern peacekeeping has evolved, the number of female police officers in UN peacekeeping missions around the world has doubled. Sports, Sexism And Sparing Our Lady Parts 3/5/10 Feministing: Some suspect that sexism is at play in the decision not to make women's ski-jumping an Olympic sport. A Sport Recoils From A Punch And Its Publicity 3/6/10 NY Times: Brittney Griner's two-game suspension for punching an opponent and breaking her nose  has brought bad publicity to women's basketball.