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WMC News Brief: Journalistic Risks, AIDS, Afghan Women

November 30, 2009

For Novice Journalists, Rising Risks In Conflict Zones 11/30/09 NY Times: Amanda Lindhout has no formal journalistic training, yet used her earnings from waitressing to finance reporting trips to several of the world’s most dangerous war zones. Women With AIDS In NYC: Killing Them Softly 11/30/09 Huffington Post: Why, after a decade of steadily decreasing deaths, has New York City's progress in reducing women's AIDS mortality stumbled so badly? Afghan Women Would Rather Talk About Recovery 11/27/09 Women's eNews: As Obama mulls a U.S. troop buildup in Afghanistan, three Afghan women who run social service efforts in their troubled homeland wanted to shift the topic to schools, jobs, safety and health care. In Support Of Abortion, It’s Personal Vs. Political 11/28/09 NY Times: The Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus was working overtime in Washington last week, plotting strategy for the coming debate over President Obama’s proposed health care overhaul. She Wants To Reboot California 11/27/09 Wall Street Journal:  After chemotherapy, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina says taking on Sen. Barbara Boxer isn't so intimidating. Sex, Abortions And Health Insurance 11/30/09 NY Times: Senator Orrin G. Hatch has vowed to insert similar Stupak-Pitts amendment language into the Senate version of the bill. An Advocate For The World's Women 11/19/09 Washington Post: Melanne Verveer co-founded the Vital Voices Global Partnership, which grooms women in developing countries for leadership roles in politics and government. A Tax On Nips And Tucks Angers Patients, Surgeons 11/30/09 NY Times: The proposal, called the Bo-Tax, in a play on the name of Botox, has outraged plastic surgeons, who say they are being singled out because of an outdated perception that people who have cosmetic procedures are well-to-do. Racism, Xenophobia And Misogyny Intersect: Giving Birth While In Shackles 11/30/09 Feministing: The most recent atrocity committed by the self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" involves a woman who was detained while 9-months pregnant. Gender Parity Report Finds Zambia’s Media Houses Lagging 11/26/09 Women's International Perspective: There are very few female Zambian journalists who have not experienced sexual harassment at the hands of male counterparts, but few cases have been reported. Women Lead Swiss In Vote To Ban Minarets 11/29/09 Times of London: A right-wing campaign to outlaw minarets on mosques in a referendum being held in Switzerland, has received an unlikely boost from radical feminists arguing that the tower-like structures are “male power symbols” and reminders of Islam’s oppression of women. Canadian Sex Workers Challenge Criminal Code 11/30/09 Women's eNews: Sex workers in Canada are challenging the country's ban on activities associated with prostitution, arguing it conflicts with their constitutional rights. Female Cops In Iraq? Arab Women Are Seizing Freedom. 11/27/09 Christian Science Monitor: Fifty women graduated alongside male classmates as senior officers in the national police force. Violence Against Women Rooted In Afghan Society: UN 11/30/09 AFP: Violence against women is widespread and deeply rooted in Afghanistan, where they are becoming less active in public life eight years after the Taliban regime collapsed. Concert Backs 'Gandhi Of Sahara' 11/29/09 BBC: Spanish artists, singers, and actors have staged a concert in support of a Western Sahara activist on hunger strike on the Spanish island Lanzarote. A Tone-Deaf Message On Mammograms 11/27/09 Boston Globe: is there such a thing as communications malpractice? If so, we might consider the case of Women v. the US Preventive Services Task Force. From Footnote To Fame In Civil Rights History 11/25/09 NY Times: Claudette Colvin refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama nine months before Rosa Parks. Mike Penner Dies At 52; Los Angeles Times Sportswriter 11/29/09 LA Times: Mike Penner, a Los Angeles Times sportswriter who made headlines in 2007 when he announced that he was transsexual died at 52. Serena Handed Fine, Probation For US Open Outburst 11/25/09 AFP: World number one Serena Williams was hit with a record fine and two years of probation on Monday for her outburst over a foot fault call in a US Open semi-final. Advocating For Girls’ Sports With A Sharp Tongue 11/30/09 NY Times: Few girls who play sports in suburban Philadelphia would recognize Robert H. Landau, but many coaches and athletic directors know that spotting him in the bleachers could spell trouble.