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WMC News Brief: Google, Abortion Rights, India

September 28, 2009

Is Google Violating Women’s Rights? 09/20/09 Awid: Google Inc.’s recent restrictions on ads for abortion services in fifteen countries raises questions about the influence of search engine provider policies on freedom of information. In withholding access to this kind of information, are women’s rights being violated? A New Push To Define 'Person,' And To Outlaw Abortion In The Process 09/28/09 LA Times: Some abortion foes think the rationale for Roe vs. Wade is vulnerable. They're trying to amend state constitutions, including California's, to define personhood from conception. Decriminalizing Same Sex Relations In India: A Legal Beginning 09/28/09 Women’s International Perspective: It was a petition to legalize gay sex filed in the Delhi High Court in 2001 by the Naz Foundation, an advocacy group for homosexuals, that began the legal debate and movement to squash Article 377. Digital Marketing Has 'Turned Feminine' 09/28/09 British Computer Society: According to the Future Laboratory, the web ad industry turned female at some point last year as there are now more female internet users than there are men. Cuts Meet A Culture Of Spending At Condé Nast 09/27/09 NY Times: The company’s editors and publishers have already been under pressure to reduce costs this year, as advertising has plunged, and Condé Nast has closed two magazines in 2009, Domino and Condé Nast Portfolio. To Cover World, CBS Joins With A News Site 09/28/09 NY Times: CBS News plans to announce Monday that it has formed a partnership with GlobalPost, a foreign news Web site, that will provide CBS with reporting from its approximately 70 affiliated correspondents in 50 countries. New Cheney Taking Stage For The G.O.P. 09/28/09 NY Times: Like her father, Ms. Cheney speaks in understated, almost academic cadences, head veering down into her notes. She also shares his willingness to pummel President Obama in stark, disdainful tones, not so much criticizing as taunting him. Women To The Rescue 09/28/09 Spectator: To help the federal government annex medical care, President Obama recently turned to women. Wartime Soldier, Conflicted Mom 09/26/09 NY Times: Motherhood poses a more formidable challenge for the armed forces. Height Still Pushing For Blacks, Women's Progress 09/27/09 District Chronicles: Dr. Dorothy Height, The living icon of civil rights history, maintains regular work hours, running the day-to-day operations and contacting major fundraisers of the four million member organization that advocates on issues of African-American women. She's been heading it since 1957. When The Cool Get Hazed 09/27/09 NY Times: News of a “slut list” at a top-ranked New Jersey high school last week highlighted some disturbing facts. The Merkel Enigma 09/28/09 BBC: I suspect Germany will tack to the right but Angela Merkel will remain a pragmatic politician who shies away from confrontation but will fight fiercely for German interests as she has done over the car industry. Nigeria: Turai, Vp's Wife Mobilisise South-South Women For Peace 09/27/09 All Africa: The women of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South-South zone convened in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State recently to mobilise for peace in their region, a challenge thrown to them by the First Lady, Hajia Turai Yar'Adua. Spunky Women Stand Up Against Corruption 09/28/09 Times of India: Fed up with the `extortion' by the staff in government primary health centers (PHCs) in the area, these women, around four months back, decided not to pay a single penny for the services which they should have got free of cost. United States Halts Food Aid For Somali Women And Children 09/28/09 World Socialist: The World Food Programme has closed 12 feeding centers for women and children in Somalia because it has insufficient money to continue. Aid workers have told the BBC that the cuts are the result of US restrictions on aid to areas that are under the control of groups designated as terrorists. Women Turning To Surgery To Combat Virginity Taboos 09/28/09 Today’s Zaman, Turkey: The issue of women's virginity is still an important factor in many relationships in Turkey, affecting women from all social and economic backgrounds and involving complex intersections of cultural and religious values. Mass Marriages And Virginity Testing In India 09/28/09 RH Reality Check: While some officials refute that the virginity tests took place there were others who said the tests were conducted to ensure that “…the women were not pregnant.” Japanese Ruling Party Pushes Women To Be Wage-Earners 09/28/09 Feministing: While Japan is under fire from the U.N. for paltry efforts toward gender equality, their massive tax change proposal promises to push more women into the workforce. Health Concerns Over Popular Contraceptives 09/26/09 NY Times: Recently, the Yaz line’s image has been clouded by concerns from some researchers, health advocates and plaintiffs’ lawyers. They say that the drugs put women at higher risk for blood clots, strokes and other health problems than some other birth control pills do. 'Drug May Save Women's Fertility' 09/27/09 Press Association, UK: A leukemia drug could provide a way to save the fertility of women undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, research suggests. Left Coast Bias: A Happy New Year For Nina Tassler 09/28/09 Broadcasting & Cable: That last bit of fate is exactly what plagued current CBS Entertainment President, and future cantor, Nina Tassler as the broadcast networks rolled out the new season. “I am way too Jewish to be relaxed about any of this,” she says of premiere week. Streisand’s Fine Instrument And Classic Instinct 09/27/09 NY Times: Did Ms. Streisand, like an opera singer, think incessantly about breathing deeply from the diaphragm, about using the diaphragm as a natural support for her voice? Roller Derby: The Sisterhood Of The Skates 09/28/09 Reuters: Women are flocking to roller derby to find camaraderie, thrills, and enough physical conditioning and true grit to do a warrior princess proud.