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WMC News Brief: Ellen DeGeneres, Abortion And Race, 7-Year-Old Samba Queen

February 16, 2010

DeGeneres Is A Rising Star In Daytime 2/12/10 NY Times: Researchers reported that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was, for the first time, on par with “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, and in some cases, exceeding “Oprah” in the minds of viewers. Ga. Billboards Spark Debate Over Abortion And Race 2/12/10 NPR: A billboard campaign in Atlanta has raised questions over whether abortion providers target minority communities. 7-Year-Old Samba Queen Raises Adult Concerns 2/14/10 NY Times: Little Julia Lira was at the head of an extravaganza of dancers in a sexually charged position usually reserved for bombshell models. Ana Marie Cox Joins GQ 2/11/10 Politico: Ana Marie Cox has been named GQ's Washington Correspondent. Wikileaks And Iceland MPs Propose 'Journalism Haven' 2/12/10 BBC: Iceland could become a "journalism haven" if a proposal put forward by website Wikileaks succeeds. Politicians As News Analysts Raise Questions On Their Goal 2/15/10 NY Times: Television and politics have always been intertwined, but never to this degree. Gay People Welcome, Homosexuals Keep Out 2/12/10 Salon: Turns out "politically correct" language really does make a difference. Taking A Texas Primary Ever Further To The Right 2/15/10 NY Times: Some days it is hard to be a neophyte far-right candidate in a governor’s race in Texas. GOP Women Similar In Background, Not Approach 2/16/10 San Francisco Chronicle: Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina present strikingly different approaches to California politics. Respect For Women In Uniform 2/15/10 NY Times: The Pentagon’s announces that it will begin making morning-after emergency contraception available at military bases around the world. The President's Budget: A Mixed Bag For Women's Health 2/16/10 RH Reality Check: Health care reform legislation remains in limbo due to options on an ultimate compromise on abortion coverage ranging from terrible to horrible. Single Mother Is Spared Court-Martial 2/12/10 NY Times: An Army specialist received an other-than-honorable discharge, ending an impasse over family responsibilities that had surprised many legal experts. Woman Asks Obama To Cut 27-Year Term For Crack 2/11/10 USA Today: A woman serving a 27-year prison term for a crack cocaine conspiracy is asking President Obama to use his power of forgiveness for the first time since taking office. A Rising Director’s Medium-Security Side Project 2/14/10 NY Times: Arin Arbus directs inmates as part of a program called Rehabilitation Through the Arts at Woodbourne Correctional Facility. Women’s Prison Alternative Plan Advances In Oklahoma House 2/16/10 NewsOK: The proposed program would help prevent incarceration of Oklahoma’s female nonviolent offenders. Whistle-Blowing Nurse Is Acquitted In Texas 2/12/10 NY Times: A jury acquitted a nurse who had been charged with a felony after alerting the state medical board that a doctor at her hospital was practicing unsafe medicine. Ukraine Instability Fears As Tymoshenko Plans Next Move 2/9/10 BBC: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko seems to be preparing the ground to challenge the results of the presidential election. Iranian Opposition Leader's Wife Accuses Supreme Leader Over Protest Crackdown 2/14/10 Guardian, UK: The wife of one of Iran's opposition leaders accused the nation's supreme leader of allowing violence and abuses to crush opposition supporters, including the alleged beating of her son. Afghanistan's Sikh Heroine Fights For Rights 2/11/10 BBC: Anarkali Kaur Honaryar is a leading campaigner for the rights of Afghan women. Doctor-Patient Divide On Mammograms 2/15/10 NY Times: A divide has emerged between doctors and patients; with the doctors more inclined to accept the new recommendations and the patients wanting to stick to early and annual screening. Men 'Need Better-Fitting Condoms' 2/16/10 BBC: Badly fitted condoms do not just reduce the pleasure of sex for men and women - they raise the risks of infection and pregnancy. Lucille Clifton, One-Time Poet Laureate Of Md., Dies At 73 2/14/10 Baltimore Sun: Former state poet laureate Lucille Clifton, a National Book Award winner whose work was lauded for its "moral quality," died after a long battle with cancer. Barbie’s Next Career? Computer Engineer 2/12/10 NY Times: Computer engineer will be the 126th career for Barbie. Women At Odds In Olympic Games 2/16/10 San Francisco Chronicle: The International Olympic Committee has a double-edged woman problem. As Girls Become Women, Sports Pay Dividends 2/16/10 NY Times: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 required schools and colleges receiving federal money to provide the same opportunities for girls as they did for boys.