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WMC News Brief: Couric Ratings, Hate Crimes, Honduran Women

October 23, 2009

Under Couric, Ratings Race Is Once Again, Well, A Race 10/19/09 NY Times: Katie Couric has thus far made the ratings race among the three network newscasts more competitive than it has been in nearly a decade. Senate Approves Broadened Hate-Crime Measure 10/22/09 NY Times: The Senate voted Thursday to extend new federal protections to people who are victims of violent crime because of their sex or sexual orientation. Coup's Impact On Honduran Women 10/22/09 Foreign Policy In Focus: The Obama administration needs to fully grasp the plight of Honduran women and their families and act decisively on their behalf. Helen Thomas Tells The President To 'Listen Up' 10/23/09 NPR: Helen Thomas has plenty of advice for the current president, as well as future contenders. Palin Continues Reemergence With GOP Snub 10/23/09 CBS: Sarah Palin continues her re-emergence. Family Forced Into Poverty To Insure Daughter 10/22/09 RH Reality Check: Sophie got very sick and her parents had to consider keeping her home from the doctor's office, because she was denied health insurance. Shriver Report Serves Up Compulsory Marriage And Mothering 10/23/09 Psychology Today: In the Shriver Report, marriage and mothering are compulsory. Return Mission 10/22/09 Boston Globe: Though home with children today, more college-educated women are planning to relaunch careers, this time with a new perspective. A Black College Gets A Non-Black Queen 10/21/09 Salon: It's a historic first for one university. But is this beauty pageant victory a triumph of diversity, or an insult? Rapists, Hunger And Hyenas Stalk Displaced Somali Women 10/23/09 AFP: Hyenas, rape, kidnappings -- there is no shortage of dangers for women in the grim refugee camps of northern Somalia. Don't Forget Freedom For Afghanistan’s Women 10/23/09 Politico: Oddly missing from the debate about the Obama administration’s strategy in Afghanistan has been any discussion of the status and future of Afghan women. Sudan Women Face 20 Lashes For 'Indecent' Clothes 10/22/09 AFP: A Sudanese court on Thursday sentenced two women to 20 lashes for dressing "indecently." Kenyan Women Demand Piece Of The Pie 10/22/09 Capital News: Women leaders from 36 political parties on Thursday resolved to work together and advocate a change of the electoral system in the on- going constitutional review. Zimbabwe To Castrate Sex Offenders? 10/23/09 Peace FM Online:  Parliamentarians have proposed a new law to castrate male rapists in Zimbabwe but are silent on what should happen to sexually abusive women. "The Final Solution"? Gay Ugandans Could Face Death Penalty Under New Law 10/22/09 RH Reality Check: Though homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda, a new bill would penalize homosexuality with tougher penalties, along the lines of life imprisonment and the death penalty. Sexual Dysfunction High In Hispanic Women Over 40 10/23/09 The Independent: Sexual dysfunction affects more than half of menopausal Hispanic women over 40. Obama On Life In A Family Of Women: 'It's Me And Bo' 10/22/09 LA Times: President Obama sat down for an interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie, as part of her network's week-long focus on the role of women. Nicole Kidman Asks Congress To Take Action On Violence Against Women 10/23/09 Kansas City News: Nicole Kidman, in her role as a U.N. goodwill ambassador, asked Congress to pass a bill to help curb violence against women worldwide. Ashley Olsen, Isaac Mizrahi, Robin Givhan Discuss The Future Of Women's Fashion 10/22/09 Huffington Post: Why do people love to hate fashion?