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WMC News Brief: Couric, Hillary, Climate Debate

September 21, 2009

Doubts Fade And Couric Is Energized 09/20/09 NY Times: Despite some of the lowest ratings in the newscast’s history, Couric says she will remain at CBS until her contract expires in 2011. How Hillary Can Serve Women Now 09/20/09 Daily Beast: During her meetings at the U.N. General Assembly this week, the secretary of State, a longtime promoter of women’s empowerment, should press for action against rape as a tactic of war, says Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli. Danish Conservative Prepares For Climate Debate 09/20/09 NY Times: Connie Hedegaard, Denmark’s minister of climate and energy, feels little kinship with the green end of the political spectrum. Obama Fuels Battle Over Funds For Abortion 09/20/09 Women's eNews: Both sides of the abortion debate are riled up over the funding of abortion services under Obama's proposed public health plan. But as the battle heats up, a senator's effort at compromise casts doubt on the public option altogether. The President’s Best Hope In The G.O.P. 09/21/09 NY Times: Senator Olympia J. Snowe has not endorsed either Democratic health care bill in the Senate. Amy Meyer: Leading Efforts To Spur The Economy In A Volatile Region 09/21/09 Washington Post: Amy Meyer of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is charged with leading the nation's effort to spur economic development in Pakistan, a daunting job in one of the world's most volatile regions. Boston's Hyatt Hotels Clean Up Bottom Lines At The Expense Of Employees 09/20/09 Cleveland News: Housekeepers at three Hyatt hotels in Boston thought they were training new workers to fill in for vacationing staff. On Aug. 31, about 100 housekeepers at the Hyatt locations learned they had just lost their jobs to those trainees. Recession Drives Women Back To The Work Force 09/19/09 NY Times: The Great Recession is pushing many highly educated women who had left work to stay at home with their children to dive back into the labor pool, according to several nationally recognized experts on women in the workplace. A Hardy Band Of Women Warriors 09/20/09 Cleveland News: Women veterans from Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, have their own post - a refuge for women veterans called the Greater Cincinnati Women's American Legion Post 644. It is the only women's post in Ohio. Forty Years Of Women At Yale 09/21/09 Yale Daily News: The women came in September of 1969 — nearly 600 of them, half of them freshman admits, half sophomore and junior transfers — and the time was ripe for a radical change in social norms. Women Writers Shake National Theatre 09/19/09 All Africa: Uganda's National Theatre was the place to be last week when literary brains in the country gathered in commemoration of the 17th National Book Trust of Uganda annual week festival. 'Imported Values' Fail Afghan Women 09/21/09 Aljazeera: The lot of women improved to a degree after the fall of the Taliban, but international gender equality values have failed to take root in Afghan society. Korean Women Near Bottom In Job Market 09/21/09 JoongAng Daily, S. Korea: Experts say this is partly because they are given a back seat in the country’s still male-prioritized job market. A heavy responsibility for housekeeping has also dissuaded them from working, they argue. A Romance Writer Jabs At Singapore’s Patriarchs 09/19/09 NY Times: In a light, self-mocking, first-person novel called “Meet Me on the QE2!” Catherine Lim describes what she calls the strategic power of the dress, bright and playful to the eye but not as benign as it seems. Girl Powerless 09/22/09 The Age, Australia: Aman is just one of many voices in global aid agency Plan International's report Because I am a Girl. They are young voices depicting the grim realities of girls raised in the developing nations. At once hopeful, but keenly aware of the sad facts of their world, a world that continues to place them second behind their brothers. Rapid Pace Of Climate Change Renews Calls For Increased Support For Family Planning 09/18/09 RH Reality Check: Concern about the pace of climate change is increasing, and so is concern about the role of population growth in driving it. Fertility Preservation Possible For Women With Ovarian Cancer 09/21/09 Oncology Nursing News: Young women with early-stage ovarian cancer can preserve their fertility by choosing a surgery that conserves at least 1 ovary or the uterus. Young Women Are Choosing Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination 09/21/09 Nurse: Despite initial controversy over the Gardasil vaccine, many young women have been opting to protect themselves from the human papilloma virus. Lesbian Love In The Afternoon: Queer Women On American Daytime Dramas 09/21/09 After Ellen: Fictional small American soap towns such as Pine Valley, Springfield, and Llanview, until recently, have avoided directly addressing homosexuality and same-sex relationships, as if shooting an unscripted pregnancy behind a laundry basket. Chanel Advanced Women's Rights, Says Actress Tautou 09/21/09 Reuters: "Her personality, desire to have the same freedom as men -- not to depend on them -- is exactly what we've been fighting for," Tautou, whose previous film roles include "Amelie" and "The Da Vinci Code," told Reuters. Sister Hacked 09/18/09 American Prospect: Could Jennifer's Body offer a feminist twist on a genre that seems hostile to women on its face? Their project could have -- and should have -- worked. Vivian Girls In The Hype Cycle: Anointed, Dismissed, Overworked 09/19/09 NY Times: For a band that often appears to be running in place, or perhaps just stuck, Vivian Girls have seen almost nothing but tumult in the year leading to their second album, “Everything Goes Wrong” (In the Red), which was released last week. Earning Her Stripes In College Football 09/19/09 NY Times: Thomas, 35, is major college football’s only female referee. She has grown accustomed to startling players and coaches on Saturdays but said it did not occur as often as one might think. Swede Claims Women's Boxing World Title 09/21/09 The Local, Sweden: The Swedish champion, who recently rejoined the world of boxing after an imposed ten year ban following a cerebral haemorrhage, dominated the match, which was only her fifth fight as a professional. Chinese Women Remind The World Of Their Prowess 09/20/09 NY Times: China is a world power in chess, particularly among women.