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WMC News Brief: Clinton, Obama, Climate Change

September 18, 2009

Congo-Kinshasa:  CPJ Tells Clinton Of Threats To Women Journalists In Congo 09/17/09 All Africa: The unstable eastern region, which is rich in minerals but devastated by war and atrocities against civilians, including the systematic rape of women, is currently one of Africa’s most dangerous cities for journalists. Anti-Abortion Provocateur Takes Aim At Obama 09/17/09 Women's eNews: A minister caused a firestorm last month by calling on followers to pray to God to kill the president. Frederick Clarkson says now Neal Horsley, a man he's covered for the past decade, wants to take the minister's prayer campaign national. UN Says Climate Change Hurting African Women 09/17/09 Voice of America: A U.N. official has told a regional conference in Togo that climate change in West Africa is disproportionally affecting women and girls. Michelle Obama Turns To Health Care 09/17/09 Politico: Michelle Obama plans a packed autumn that aides say will include a “dedicated focus” on health insurance reform — the same issue that brought such headaches to Hillary Clinton. Women Warriors Take On Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault 09/18/09 Indian Country Today: From North Dakota to Arizona, strong, talented, accomplished Native American women are taking up the challenge of protecting themselves and their sisters, their mothers and aunts, their grandmothers and granddaughters, from the devastation of domestic violence and sexual assault. It's Not So Rare For New Top Cops To Be Women 09/18/09 Chicago Tribune: The U.S. counts 212 female police chiefs, still a vast minority. Policies To Curb Latina Teen Pregnancies Have Failed 09/17/09 Huffington Post via RH Reality Check: Are the nation's efforts to curb Latina teen pregnancy actually making young Latinas more vulnerable? Workplace Violence Costs Companies Money, Women Their Lives 09/17/09 Associated Content: Workplace violence has been brought up as a result of the death of Yale student Annie Le. Workplace violence logically is when someone is injured or killed by another person at work. Women are more at risk from workplace violence. The Real 'Norma Rae' Dies, But Her Fight Lives On: Connie Schultz 09/16/09 Cleveland Live:  A reporter asked Sutton how she'd like to be remembered."It is not necessary I be remembered as anything," she said, "but I would like to be remembered as a woman who deeply cared for the working poor and the poor people of the U.S. and the world. That my family and children, and children like mine, will have a fair share and equality." Women’s Group Presses Judge In Monserrate Trial 09/18/09 NY Times: The National Organization for Women in New York State is calling on the judge trying State Senator Hiram Monserrate on domestic violence charges to give him “the maximum sentence allowable by law.” 'Merkel Factor' Could Decide German Vote 09/17/09 BBC: Angela Merkel was once criticised for looking dowdy and lacking charisma, but now the "Merkel factor" is considered her key asset as she seeks re-election as German chancellor. Ghana:  Marriage Is Nursery For HIV/Aids 09/18/09 All Africa: Accounts by women from low income backgrounds indicate that marriage has become "a high transmission" ground for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). U.N. Scrutinizes Women's Rights In East Timor 09/16/09 Women's eNews: The new nation of East Timor left its first U.N. women's rights inspection with a long to-do list. Lowering the world's highest fertility rate and raising the lowest rate of birth control access are tall orders in the strongly Catholic culture. China Includes First Women In Search For New Astronauts 09/17/09 Space: For the first time, China has included women among the final candidates for the country's newest class of astronauts. Ultimately, China plans to pick five men and two women as final candidates to join the country's space program as taikonauts. Black Infant Mortality Points To Moms' Crying Need 09/18/09 Women's eNews: If African American, Latino and Native American babies are too often in jeopardy, that means that this country is miserably failing women of color. Postmenopausal Women Benefit From Endurance Training As Much As Younger Women 09/17/09 UC Berkeley News: In two papers based on the experiments and published in recent months, UC Berkeley researchers report that postmenopausal women can achieve the same health benefits from regular, vigorous exercise as younger women do. Judge Judy Hosts Mentoring Program For Young Women 09/17/09 CBS: "I really felt that we spend so much of our resource on people who are not doing the right thing, and not enough of our resources on people who are really trying to do the right thing," Sheindlin said. Blige And Gucci Host FFAWN Charity Event 09/17/09 Women's Wear Daily: Wednesday night, Blige showed up at a massive shopping party at Gucci’s Fifth Avenue flagship, and was determined to do more than help sell clothes. The event was a benefit for the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, which Blige started with branding expert Steve Stoute. Mary Travers Dies At 72; Folk Singer Performed With The Trio Peter, Paul And Mary 09/18/09 LA Times: Mary Travers, the clarion-voiced female third of the quintessential folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary whose harmony-laden recordings of politically minded songs by Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger ushered them to the top of the sales charts in the 1960s, died Wednesday after battling leukemia for several years. She was 72. FANGIRL INVASION - The War Of The Sexes Hits Geekdom 09/17/09 Newsarama: As female fans stake their claim as a growing part of the "geek" audience, the previously male-dominated world of fan culture is struggling to get used to the idea.