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WMC News Brief: Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad, Scott Roeder To Testify, Ireland’s Anti-Abortion Lies

January 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Defends Antiabortion Ad 1/27/10 Salon: The pro-lifer chimes in on the Super Bowl controversy to remind us the only choice she supports is her own. Scott Roeder Is Likely To Testify Today 1/28/10 Wichita Eagle: The judge in the Scott Roeder murder trial will decide today whether former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline can be forced to testify. Ireland Accused Of Exposing Women To Anti-Abortion Lies 1/28/10 Guardian, UK: Human rights group says women seeking information about terminations are told they will often cause irreparable damage. A Leading Role For Women In Keeping The Home Fires Burning 1/26/10 NY Times: A recent campaign for Duraflame's manufactured logs has made women the center of attention. The Horror Of Teen Motherhood 1/27/10 Salon: An ad campaign turns sex into a scary movie. Clinton To Press China FM On Internet Issue 1/27/10 Reuters: Clinton will press China's foreign minister on the issue of Internet freedom. The Lessons Of The Massachusetts Race For The State Of The Union 1/26/10 Huffington Post: Democrats need to learn the larger lessons from the 2009 and 2010 elections. Futile Concessions 1/26/10 American Prospect: Health care reform hinges on abortion, but the pro-choice movement has already lost. College 'Gender Gap' Favoring Women Stops Growing 1/26/10 Washington Post: More men are attending college and graduating with a bachelor's degree, reversing the tendency of female undergraduates to outnumber men and outperform them academically. State Lawmaker Seeks Abortion Restrictions 1/22/10 Columbus Telegram: Nebraska lawmakers could become the first in the country to attempt to use a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court decision to ban second trimester and late-term abortions based on assertions that some fetuses experience pain during the procedure. Carpenters' Union Chiseling Women, Blacks 1/28/10 Chicago Sun-Times: Of the 46,000 carpenters represented by the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, only about 400 are women. Women Shifting Up A Gear: Changing Family Roles 1/22/10 The National, Abu Dhabi: Whether by choice or necessity, more women are reversing roles with their husbands to become the main breadwinner for the household. Getting Women Into Boardrooms, By Law 1/28/10 NY Times: Eighty percent of Norwegian women work outside the home, and half the current government’s ministers are female. Cancer Survivor Urges Women To Get Cervical Smear Tests 1/28/10 BBC: Women in the Bristol area are failing to keep their smear test appointments, putting themselves at risk of cervical cancer going undiagnosed. Female Bankers In India Earn Chances To Rule 1/27/10 NY Times: in India’s relatively young financial industry, women not only are some of the top deal makers, they are often running the show. Liberia President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf To Stand Again 1/26/10 BBC: Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has said she intends to seek a second term of office, despite promises to only serve one six-year term. Judge Judy Sheindlin: Her Appeal Is Undeniable 1/25/10 Broadcasting & Cable: CBS Television Distribution's court-show queen tries, succeeds and wins fans with her wit and wisdom. Long Ignored, Indian Women Step Out Of Limbo 1/29/20 NY Times: When the Indian women’s soccer players take the field against Sri Lanka in the South Asia Games, it will be the national team’s first match in two years. The Transgender Athlete 1/25/10 Inside Higher Ed: Many transgender athletes relate experiences that make their participation on college teams painful and frustrating.