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WMC News Brief: Anita Dunn, Snowe, Sexism Laws

October 19, 2009

The White House’s ‘Ironic’ Mao Moment? Glenn Beck Doesn’t Get It. 10/17/09 Christian Science Monitor: A week after White House communications director Anita Dunn declared “war” on Fox News, Glenn Beck is takes Ms. Dunn on personally over what can now be described as her “Mao moment.” Conservatives Make Sexist Attacks Against Snowe 10/16/09 Feministing: With Olympia Snowe's surprise vote in the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform legislation, conservative pundits are taking any sexist shots they can at women with power. Are Women Paying For Sexism Laws? 10/18/09 BBC: Are equality laws holding women back? Clearing The Table 10/18/09 NY Times: As the editor of Gourmet, now defunct, do you discern any larger meaning in the fact that your beloved magazine is closing just as your new cooking show makes its debut on PBS? Reps. Dana Rohrabacher And Barbara Lee -- A Political Odd Couple 10/19/09 LA Times: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Rep. Barbara Lee oppose a U.S. troop increase in Afghanistan, but they came to their positions differently. Codepink Founder Jodie Evans Challenges Obama Up Close And Personal On His Afghanistan Policy 10/17/09 Alternet: Armed with the signatures of thousands of Afghan women asking him not to send more troops, Evans told Obama that women must have a seat at the negotiating table. The Dalai Lama's Amazing Proclamation To Women! 10/17/09 Huffington Post: The Dalai Lama proclaims, “The world will be saved by the western woman." Phone Stalkers Torment Egypt Women 10/19/09 BBC: Sexual harassment is a pervasive problem in Egypt, from touching to lewd and abusive cat calls. Women's Rights Defender Focuses On Other Issues 10/19/09 AP via San Francisco Chronicle: Malalai Joya has a long record of fighting for women's rights in Afghanistan. Now she is focusing on war lords, drug lords and corruption. At 'Davos For Women,' Some View The Downturn As An Opportunity To Rise 10/18/09 NY Times: While women are often hit hardest by recession, they bring much to the table in terms of rethinking economic leadership, investment behavior and entrepreneurship. Five Women Stripped, Paraded Naked In Jharkhand 10/19/09 Hindustan Times, India: Five women were stripped and paraded naked in Deoghar district of Jharkhand after being charged of witchcraft. Women's Breath Studied For Cancer 10/19/09 Columbus Dispatch: Researchers are adapting a process used in Europe to confirm an occupational exposure to contaminants and applying it to detect the presence of breast cancer. Men Should 'Stay Away From Childbirth' To Help Women, Says Expert 10/19/09 Telegraph, UK: Men should stay away from the delivery room because their presence makes childbirth more difficult for women. Alice Waters: Mother Of The Organic Food Revolution 10/19/09 Telegraph, UK: Only now is the rest of the world catching up with Alice Waters' groundbreaking ideas on organic food. Remember Mom Hanging The Laundry Out To Dry? It's Environmentally Friendly 10/18/09 Cleveland News: Clothesline bans are most prevalent among this country's 60 million community and homeowner associations. For Sorenstam, A Busy, Relaxing Retirement 10/17/09 NY Times: These days, Sorenstam always know where the diaper bag is, but not some of her golf clubs.