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WMC News Brief: Amanpour, Health Reform Passes, Gay Theory Over Srebrenica

March 22, 2010

Amanpour: A Surprise - And A Risk 3/18/10 Politico: ABC has defied the Sunday show conventions that have resulted in a succession of hosts who were male political journalists steeped in Washington culture. Health Care Reform Bill Passes - But What Does It Mean For Abortion? 3/22/10  House of Representatives passed the health care reform bill after months of compromises, threats, debates and negotiations -- but what does this mean for reproductive choice? Dutch Fury At U.S. General's Gay Theory Over Srebrenica 3/19/10 BBC: Dutch officials have rejected a retired U.S. general's claim that its forces failed at Srebrenica because of poor morale over openly gay soldiers. In The Abortion Debate, Words Matter 3/18/10 NPR: People are once again taking issue with the terminology used to describe those who support or oppose abortion. Liz Carpenter, Part Of LBJ Circle Dies At 89 3/21/10 Houston Chronicle: Liz Carpenter, former press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson and speech writer for President Johnson, died of pneumonia. CNN War Zone Camerawoman Moth Dies From Cancer 3/22/10 Washington Post: CNN photojournalist Margaret Moth died Sunday at age 59. Arizona Drops Children’s Health Program 3/19/10 NY Times: Arizona became the first state to eliminate its Children’s Health Insurance Program. A Universal Win: Universal Health Care Will Lead To Fewer Abortions 3/22/10 RH Reality Check: A new report reveals that the abortion rate declined in the first two years after Massachusetts implemented health care reform. Eraser Duty For Bart? 3/31/10 NY Times: Bart should realize that in a moral tug-of-war between the sisters and the bishops, you have to go with the gals. More Women Holding Down Multiple Jobs 3/21/10 MSNBC: Women are more likely to juggle multiple gigs than men, representing more than half of the total at 3.7 million. Bias Called Persistent Hurdle For Women In Sciences 3/22/10 NY Times: A report on the underrepresentation of women in science and math found that although women have made gains, stereotypes and cultural biases still impede their success. India’s Fastest Growing Crime: Rape And The Fight For Justice 3/22/10 Women's International Perspective: Official statistics point to rape as the fastest growing crime in India. An Afghan Politician Pushes For A Comeback 3/15/10 NY Times: The people who want to silence Malalai Joya, the youngest elected politician in Afghanistan, are doing a pretty good job of it in her own country. For Better Or Worse, 'Sister-Swapping' Persists 3/22/10 Women's eNews: Berdel, also known as sister swapping and parallel weddings, is dwindling but still practiced. Lady Gaga, Grrrl Power, And Rock'n'Roll Feminism 3/22/10 RH Reality Check: The fierce debate about whether Lady Gaga is a feminist is part of the continuum of women musicians, that didn't end with the Spice Girls. Rosie O'Donnell Talk Show Returning To Daytime TV In 2011 3/19/10 Huffington Post:  Rosie O'Donnell is set to return to syndicated daytime television. Young Filmmaker’s Search For Her Worth Is Rewarded 3/19/10 NY Times: “Tiny Furniture” won the juried narrative film prize at the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference. Ellen Gives $30,000 To Constance McMillen, Mississippi Lesbian, Over Prom Legal Flap 3/19/10 Huffington Post: A lesbian high school student embroiled in a legal flap over her school's prom policy has received a $30,000 scholarship on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." A Rare Spirit, A Rarer Eye 3/21/10 NY Times: Patti Smith’s discerning eye and sensitive fashion antennas might be the envy of a veteran stylist. JK Rowling Among Most Influential Women In Scotland 3/22/10 Sify: JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter fantasy series, has made it to the list of ten most influential women in Scotland. In Morocco, An Off-Road Rally For Women Only 3/20/10 NY Times: The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is a women only, environmentally conscious off-road event. Tiger Woods' Return To Augusta A 'Slap In The Face To Women'? 3/22/10 ABC: Tiger Woods plans first shot at redemption at club that bans women from membership. Pushing Back At Stereotypes 3/21/10 NY Times: Women continue to be much more restricted in the type of aggressive behavior tolerated in sports.