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WMC, GLAAD, & Natl Hispanic Media Coaliton joint FCC action & video/project

March 2, 2011

Here'a a great  story about some groups (including the Women’s Media Center!) working together to get the FCC to do their job. The WMC is supporting GLAAD, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition as they file a complaint with the FCC, saying the show "Jose Luis Sin Censura" should be held to commission standards, instead of the frequent lewd violence, misogynistic language, and anti-gay epithets often featured.

Check out this video of some really heinous clips from the show (which should be getting repeated fines, or taken off the air completely for this stuff!) Warning, it's pretty offensive:


Here's where you can take action to let the FCC know you support this complaint: José Luis Sin Censura" airs twice daily, Monday – Friday, in 37 markets throughout the country. The show is produced and distributed by Burbank, Calif.-based LBI, Liberman Broadcasting Inc. Since it’s produced in the US, it falls under the purvey of the FCC, but often times Spanish language programming isn’t monitored closely.

Let's all work together across issues affecting all of us in multiple ways to get harmful images and language off the air!