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WMC Daily News Update - NBC, Planned Parenthood, Bishops

July 9, 2008

NBC Olympics Coverage Will Be Pervasive 7/9/08 USA Today: NBC's Beijing TV schedule, released Tuesday, includes 2,900 hours of live TV coverage - including all 32 swimming finals and the team and individual finals in men's and women's gymnastics. Those live hours, spread across NBC and its cable TV outlets, top the total U.S. TV hours - 2,562 - for all previous Summer Games combined. Planned Parenthood Endorses Obama 7/9/08 Politico: After announcing a few weeks ago that they would hold off backing Obama until each local chapter had signed on, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Obama yesterday. Anglicans Upset Over New Women Bishops 7/9/08 AP via Baltimore Sun: The Church of England's move to accept women bishops further roiled an already troubled Anglican Communion yesterday, infuriating conservatives and complicating efforts to promote unity with the Roman Catholic Church. Layoffs Keep Coming 7/7/08 Broadcasting and Cable: Summertime hasn't been too hot for employees at television stations. Layoffs have been rampant the past few weeks, and are expected to continue amidst a dim economic forecast. Obama Donors Aren't Rushing to Aid Clinton 7/9/08 NY Times: A prominent donor to Senator Barack Obama recently sent an e-mail plea to other supporters, asking them - for the sake of Democratic unity - to write checks to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to help retire her $23 million in campaign debt. "Honor Killing" Comes to America 7/8/08 Huffington Post: First tribal Arabia. Then Africa. Next, South Asia. After that, Europe. Last year, Canada. Now, America. "Honor crimes" have arrived in the land of the free and the home of the brave. On the outskirts of Atlanta, a South Asian man has been charged with killing his daughter. Innocent 'Kissing' Book Offers Date-Rape Tutorial 7/9/08 Women's eNews:"The Art of Kissing" may seem like an innocent relic. But Kristen Tsetsi links the 1938 book to the reasons the National Association of Attorneys General suggested a nationwide initiative against teen dating violence just yesterday. Longer Lives, Less Pay _ Women Not Saving Enough 7/9/08 Seattle Times: Women invest more conservatively, start saving later and are more likely to be in and out of the work force, according to a study released Wednesday by Hewitt Associates, a human resources consulting firm. Tackling poverty is key to gender equality 7/9/08 The Guardian: From its very inception, the women's movement in Bangladesh has been geared not towards suffrage, but towards development. Both movements - the campaign to tackle poverty and the campaign for women's equality - have recognised the need for one another. Poverty inflicts particular violence on women's lives. Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health: G8 Heats Up 7/9/08 RH The wives of the prime ministers of the UK and Japan have shown strong support for maternal and child health at the G8 Summit. Female Students Hold Protest Recalling Red Mosque Crackdown 7/9/08 South Asia News via Monsters and Critics: Hundreds of burqa-clad students gathered at the radical Red Mosque on Wednesday and held an all-women protest meeting to mark the first anniversary of the bloody commando raid on the mosque compound. Creativity, Dissidence and Women 7/8/08 Denouncing the attempted "mutilation of the mind" by means of widespread mis-information, the legendary feminist writer and medical doctor from Egypt Nawal El Saadawi spoke today in the Spanish capital of Madrid at one of the plenary session of the World Congress of Women 2008. Utahns to help fight breast cancer in Tanzania 7/9/08 Salt Lake Tribune: While many women in the United States regularly get mammograms - with the hope of catching breast cancer early - Tanzanian women get the low-dose X-rays only after they've been diagnosed or have suspicious lumps. A Salt Lake City doctor and nurse headed to the east African country this week hope to change that. Pregnancy Boosts Heart Attack Risk 7/8/08 Health Day via Yahoo: Although heart attacks are rare among young women, becoming pregnant does double or triple a woman's risk, a new study finds. Actors Union Ratifies Deal With Hollywood Studios 7/9/08 AP: The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists said Tuesday that its members had ratified a three-year prime-time TV contract with studios with 62 percent of voting members supporting it, after fierce opposition from the larger Screen Actors Guild. A Radio Shock Jock Who's Ready for TV 7/13/08 NY Times: On Monday Ms. Williams will be directly competing with staid programs like "Today" in a six-week run of "The Wendy Williams Show," a live hourlong syndicated show to be broadcast weekdays on Fox stations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Detroit. Williamses' Wimbledon Final Was Also a Classic 7/9/08 NY Times: Lost beneath the majesty of Nadal's victory was the significant women's singles championship on Saturday between Venus and Serena Williams. In a match that allayed concerns that the sisters would never play tough tennis against each other, Venus won her fifth Wimbledon championship. And a sisterly competition became a rivalry. Little Is Still Swinging At 88 7/8/08 Houston Chronicle: At 88, Ethel Little plays golf three times a week. And with skill. She won the Women's Golf Association Match Play championship at Country Place Golf Club last month