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WMC Daily News - Obama's Airtime, Military Policy, Burma

July 24, 2008

Obama Lavished With Airtime -- And Criticism 7/24/08 LA Times: It seems like just about everybody has spent the last week beating up on the media for showering too much love on Barack Obama. True, statistics show broadcast networks have devoted more than twice as much airtime in recent weeks to the Democrat than to the Republican. But don't assume that more coverage is always good coverage. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy Is Reexamined 7/24/08 LA Times: The U.S. military is being harmed by prohibiting gays and lesbians from serving openly, a congressional panel was told Wednesday, the first time lawmakers have examined the "don't ask, don't tell" policy since the law was passed in 1993. Rice Hits Out At Burma 'Mockery' 7/24/08 BBC News: The appearance of Condoleezza Rice at this summit, after being absent in recent years, is being seen as a welcome sign of American re-engagement with South East Asia. After a meeting with the 10 South East Asian foreign ministers, the US secretary of state accused Burma (Myanmar) of being badly out of step with the rest of the region. China to Allow Limited Protests During Olympics 7/24/08 LA Times: In a nod to criticism that that it is stifling free speech during the Olympics, China intends to designate space in three public parks as "protest zones" for people to vent their grievances, officials said Wednesday. Off the Bus, but Growing Thousands Strong 7/23/08 NY Times:, the online citizen-journalist arm of the Huffington Post, celebrates its one-year anniversary this month. Of all the new political, non-candidate sites to spring up during the last year, OTB is now probably the biggest, with 7,500 citizen correspondents. XM-Sirius: The Dossier on the Woman Who Decided the Vote 7/23/08 Wall Street Journal: The crucial Federal Communications Commission vote on XM's planned merger with Sirius Satellite Radio was quite a cliffhanger. This morning, it all came down to one vote: Deborah Taylor Tate. Now that the deal has been tentatively approved, Deal Journal took a look at Tate: the woman, the myth, the decider. Clinton Supporters Try One More Tack 7/23/08 NY Times: As many have been saying all along, Senator Barack Obama is only the presumed Democratic nominee. And that fact has given heart to some of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters, who are investing tens of thousands of dollars to pressure the party to put her name to a binding vote at the convention next month. Mass. House Initially Approves Gender-Neutral Law 7/24/08 AP via Charlotte Observer: The Massachusetts House of Representatives has given its initial approval to a bill that would require all future legislation be written in language that is gender neutral. The one-paragraph bill says legislation should contain non-gendered phrases such as "he/she" instead of using the masculine pronoun by default. First All-Women-of-Color Presidential Ticket in US History 7/21/08 Democracy Now: The Green Party made history last week when it nominated the first all-women-of-color presidential ticket in US history. Former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was the first African American woman elected to Congress in Georgia, won the Green Party's nomination last Monday. She named longtime community organizer, Rosa Clemente, as her running mate Apparel Factory Workers Were Cheated, State Says 7/24/08 NY Times: It was one of the worst sweatshops that state inspectors have visited in years, they said, sometimes requiring its 100 employees to work seven days a week, sometimes for months in a row. Commentary: Why It Matters How Black Women Wear Their Hair 7/23/08 CNN: And as Michelle Obama, who may become the next first lady, undergoes scrutiny, some African-Americans believe there is no better time to examine how black women are prejudged. In a society where stereotypes remain a convenient shorthand to sum up others, something as simple as the way a black woman wears her hair could hardly be innocuous. How the IFP Wants to Attract Women Voters 7/24/08 Independent Online, South Africa: The Inkatha Freedom Party's (IFP) decision to use Zanele Magwaza-Msibi as its KwaZulu-Natal premiership candidate will help the party attract women voters in the upcoming general election, political analysts have said. Internet, Alcohol and Sleep Tied To Girls' Weight 7/23/08 Reuters: Girls and young women who devote much time to the Internet, get too little sleep or regularly drink alcohol are more likely than their peers to put on excess weight, a new study suggests. Breastfeeding Not for You? Sisters, Listen Up 7/24/08 Women's eNews: World Breastfeeding Awareness Week is coming up in August and Aisha Qaasim flags the need for stronger cultural support in the United States, particularly for African American moms. Negative attitudes, she says, are making our children sick. Election Challenge Arises To SAG Leadership 7/24/08 LA Times: As talks between the Screen Actors Guild and the major studios founder, a coalition of actors is mounting an election challenge to a group that swept SAG President Alan Rosenberg into office nearly three years ago, deepening a rift inside Hollywood's largest union. Why Danielle Steel Is 'Critic-Proof' 7/23/08 CNN: Danielle Steel, who turns 61 in August, doesn't need fame: Her name is virtually synonymous with the romance novel. She doesn't need cash: Some 570 million of her books are in print. What brings her to New York and the media glare is her 75th book, "Rogue." The novel debuted at No. 4 on The New York Times list of best-sellers. Looking for Equity in Arts Financing 7/24/08 NY Times: Leaders of a coalition of arts organizations in New York City called the Cultural Equity Group proposed that $15 million in the city budget go to so-called culturally specific organizations, serving blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and American Indians. The money would be separate from financing awarded by city agencies, like the Cultural Affairs Department. Scholars Stress Need For Women's Sport 7/24/08 There are no public sports facilities for women in the Kingdom and physical education is currently not allowed in girls schools. Private sports clubs for women available in large cities are out of the reach of lower-income Saudis. Golf: Winning Not a Walk for Parker 7/24/08 Salt Lake Tribune: Daphne Parker, 20, is cementing her own legacy in Utah golf history. Parker (formerly Daphne Vines), concluded her course conquest Wednesday afternoon to win her second straight amateur title.