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WMC Daily News Brief: Wanda Sykes, Stimulus Bill, Marine Rapist

February 13, 2009

Wanda Sykes To Entertain At Correspondents' Dinner 


Associated Press: Comedian Wanda Sykes has been selected as the entertainer at the annual White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner in Washington, slated for May 9.

Make Sure 'Stimulus' Doesn't 'Sting' Women 


USA Today: The "stimulus bill," which is about to become law, should ease the pain of the recession for some of our 11.6 million unemployed, especially men. But it could be a potential "sting" for women. 

PHILIPPINES:  Rapist US Marine's Custody - Women's Group Skeptical


IPS: A "one-step victory" was how a women's rights group described a decision handed down by the Supreme Court (SC) this week on a controversial rape case involving a United States serviceman.

Clinton's First Destination As Secretary Of State: A Rising Asia
Christian Science Monitor: The Obama administration may have come out of the blocks with quick action on the Middle East, but Hillary Rodham Clinton's maiden trip as secretary of State to China and three other East Asian countries underscores the importance the new administration places on a rising Asia. 

Ex-Officer Who Groped Women Is Costing Oakland 


SF Gate: The city of Oakland is expected to pay $110,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a 53-year-old woman who said a police officer pulled her over for no reason and touched her inappropriately.

Women Say New Law Helps Their Pension Case 


BusinessWeek:  Four women who lost retirement credit because of decades-old maternity leaves told the Supreme Court Thursday a new anti-pay discrimination law signed by President Barack Obama means they deserve larger pension checks.

Women Have Come A Long Way, Their Husbands Have A Ways To Go 


Seattle Times: Women now hold more than 49 percent of jobs on the nation's payrolls. This dubious equality is in large part an ongoing tale of two economies. Men tend to work in manufacturing and construction, areas that were the hardest and first hit. Women tend to work in jobs such as health care and education that haven't (yet) been as affected.

Senate Considers Gender Identity Bill 


Topeka Capital Journal: The Kansas Act Against Discrimination bans discrimination involving public accommodations, housing and employment based on race, religion, ancestry, sex, color, disability and national origin.

V-Day Spotlights Congolese Women Torn by War 


Women's eNews: For its 10th anniversary campaign V-Day is focusing on women in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo whose bodies have been torn apart by armed men's sexual violence. Beneficiaries include Panza Hospital and UNICEF.

Starting At Home, Iran's Women Fight For Rights


NY Times:  Women's rights advocates say Iranian women are displaying a growing determination to achieve equal status in this conservative Muslim theocracy, where male supremacy is still enscribed in the legal code. 

UN Surprised At Female Role In 'Modern Slavery'
AP via Google: Women are the majority of traffickers in almost a third of the 155 nations the U.N. surveyed. They accounted for more than 60 percent of the human trafficking convictions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Women's Rights Under Iran's Revolution
BBC: Women were active in the events surrounding the Islamic revolution in Iran 30 years ago, but the Islamic Republic has been criticised for reversing many of the rights women won under the Shah's regime that was overthrown by the revolution.

35 Women, Children Killed Near Iraq Festival
CNN: A female suicide bomber detonated in a crowd of primarily women and children on their way to a religious festival Friday, killing at least 35 people and wounding 45 others.

Attacks On Indian Women Signal Rising Conservatism

Reuters:  India's growing numbers of young and independent urban women are an easy target for some religious activists and politicians, self-appointed moral guardians trying to force traditional mores on its increasingly liberal, western outlook.

Art Therapy Ups Breast Cancer Patients' Well Being

Reuters: Women having radiation treatment for breast cancer experienced lasting improvements in mental and physical health and quality of life after participating in five sessions of art therapy, Swedish researchers report.

Belly Fat May Make Migraines More Likely
US News:  Being overweight may increase the risk of migraine headaches in young and middle-aged adults, suggests a U.S. study that included 22,211 people.

UCLA Women's Basketball Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
LA Times: On Valentine's Day, the UCLA women's basketball team will be taking on the Sun Devils as well as a cause close to their hearts. The Bruins will wear special pink-and-white uniforms (which will be auctioned afterward) to raise awareness about breast cancer.