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WMC Daily News Brief: Voice of San Diego, Economic Stimulus, Hina Jilani

February 18, 2009

At Voice Of San Diego, A Newsroom Flourishes 


LA Times: The lessons out of the sunny Voice of San Diego offices appear to be these: A local news site can flourish on charitable donations. It helps to have one big benefactor to get things started. It makes more sense to cover a few topics well, rather than a lot poorly.

What Kind Of Economic Stimulus Do American Women Want?


Talking Points Memo: Advocates for women workers have felt great anxiety about whether the Obama administration would make sure that women - along with men - would be included in the $787-billion stimulus package that on 17 February 2009 completed its passage through both houses of Congress.

RIGHTS: 'Fight Terror But Follow Due Process'  


IPS: Pakistani lawyer and human rights activist Hina Jilani is a member of the Eminent Jurists Panel on Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and Human Rights, convened by the International Commission of Jurists ( to investigate counter-terrorism practices and human rights standards.

Facebook Users Angry Over Change In Legal Terms 


NPR: Facebook users are up in arms over who owns the rights to content that users post on the social networking site. Facebook updated the language in its terms of use earlier this month; users agree to those terms when they sign up with the site.

Barbara Walters, Steve Kroft Bearish On TV News 


Reuters: A lot has changed in the "big get" TV interview business since ABC's Barbara Walters and "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft began.

Bristol Palin: Media Maven With A Message 


RH Reality Check: In a stroke of media mastery, Bristol Palin harnessed the Palin family-doting Fox News last night to announce a powerful message for policy makers: abstinence only is "not realistic."

Two Women Show Real Bipartisanship 


Huffington Post: As the $789 economic stimulus plan is being signed today by President Barack Obama in Denver, two women deserve much of the credit. Without the leadership of Maine Senator Susan Collins and her colleague Senator Olympia Snowe, there would be no signing ceremony today.

Civil Rights In Court Spotlight 


USA Today: When the Supreme Court returns to the bench Monday for the second half of its annual term, justices will hear several cases that could make this the most important session for civil rights law in years.

Hoyer To Pelosi: Stand Up To Senate 

2/17/09 House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) is pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to take a harder line with the Senate after a trio of Republican senators forced Congress to trim billions from the $787 billion economic stimulus package.

Now Is The Time To Invest In America's Caregivers 


Women's eNews: The economic stimulus package approved yesterday allows states to use work-force development funds to improve training for direct-care workers. This is a good step, says Karen Kahn, but this vital part of the work force needs more help now.

Contraception 101: The Econ Course Our Politicians Need 


RH Reality Check: Last week Congress ditched a family planning expansion from the stimulus, saying it didn't belong in an economic recovery package. But young, unintended parenting is a key indicator for poverty.

CHINA: Clinton Trip Raises Hopes And Fears 


IPS:  United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's upcoming maiden trip to China this week has raised both expectations and apprehensions in Beijing.

HEALTH-UGANDA: Pads From Papyrus


IPS: The average income in the Kyenjojo district in western Uganda is less than a dollar a day. Spending twice that on a single sanitary pad is an unaffordable luxury for most women.

If Women Do Have Lower Libidos, It Would Make Sense 


AlterNet: Another Valentine's Day, another round of features on sex and love, and another bout of studiously ignoring the role sexism might play in diminishing women's sexual desire.

Anthropologist's Studies Of Childbirth Bring New Focus On Women In Evolution 


Science Daily: Assisted birth has likely been around for millennia, possibly dating as far back as 5 million years ago when our ancestors first began walking upright, according to University of Delaware paleoanthropologist Karen Rosenberg.

Few Women Follow Pre-Pregnancy Recommendations 


Reuters: Very few women of childbearing age are sticking to lifestyle and nutrition recommendations before becoming pregnant, new research from the UK shows.

Workshop May Present Play Critical Of Israel  


NY Times: Three years after New York Theater Workshop drew protests for canceling "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," a play sympathetic to Palestinians, it is considering mounting a production of a new piece by Caryl Churchill, "Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza," that at times contains images of heartless Israelis.