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WMC Daily News Brief: Twitter, Same-Sex Marriage, Palestinian Refugees in Syria

| April 3, 2009

Twitter On The Front Line


BBC: There may have been few things that protesters, politicians and activists share, but during the G20 meeting, they were united by their use of Twitter.

Unanimous Ruling: Iowa Marriage No Longer Limited To One Man, One Woman


Desmoines Register: The Iowa Supreme Court this morning unanimously upheld gays’ right to marry.  “The Iowa statute limiting civil marriage to a union between a man and a woman violates the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution,” the justices said in a summary of their decision.

OPT/Syria: Refugee Stories - Raising The Roof, Yarmouk Women Take Their Future Into Their Hands


Relief Web: They are using their own hands to build a floor. It is hard work, but worth the effort. As the Palestinian women from the Yarmouk Centre attest, necessity is the mother of invention.  Without sufficient resources to meet the needs of their pupils, they decided to take the matter of insufficient space into their hands.

Gail Ewing: Is Local News Facing An Ice Age?

4/3/09 What is to become of our local news reporting? Will it dwindle down to insignificance as TV stations and newspapers go through downsizing, bankruptcy, major reorganizations and, for some, go out of business altogether?

President Karzai's Taleban-Style Laws For Women Put Troop Surge At Risk


Times (UK):  Mr Obama is pushing for an increase in Nato troop numbers in Afghanistan, but many allies have already rebuffed his calls. The new laws may provide an excuse for remaining waverers to join them.

Despite Pro-Life Pressure, Abortion Not An Issue For Sebelius


The Atlantic: Given that she's the nominee for America's top health post, one might expect abortion to be a hot issue in the confirmation process of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Not so.

G20 Summit: How Britain Was Wooed By Michelle Obama


The Guardian: Success as a modern first lady calls for the gifts of a silent movie star: a larger-than-life glamour that radiates from the screen, an indefinable ability to capture the mood of the moment, and the ability to communicate with the public largely in semaphore.

Council Moves To Protect Access To Clinics


Gotham Gazette: In an attempt to clear a path for patients at reproductive clinics, the NY City Council approved legislation strengthening the city's clinic access law, allowing police to arrest protesters who harass people seeking medical care.

U.S. Writers Get Canon To Call Their Own


Women's eNews: Three decades ago, Elaine Showalter's authoritative history of British female writers, "A Literature of Their Own," ushered in an era of feminist literary criticism. Now Showalter has produced a new history of American female authors.

Shelters Slowly Adapt To Help Transgender Homeless


AP via Google: Twelve years heading the Salvation Army's downtown homeless shelter had done little to prepare Janeane Schmidt for the recent night when a soft-spoken biological male transitioning into a female walked in.

Abortion Row Shakes Brazil Opinion


BBC: The issue of abortion in Brazil has been making headlines not just in South America's biggest country, but around the world.

RIGHTS: Engaging Men In Gender Equality Efforts


IPS: How many men work in day care centres, looking after children? How much paternity leave are men entitled to? How many government programmes to combat domestic violence include violent men themselves as part of the treatment?

CHILE: Therapeutic Abortion - Hot Election Issue


IPS: The debate on the decriminalisation of therapeutic abortion has been revived ahead of the December presidential elections in Chile, one of the few countries in the world where abortion is illegal even under extreme circumstances, such as risk to the mother’s life or a severely deformed foetus.

Members of European Parliament Take Up Russian Gay Rights Crusade


San Francisco Bay Times: Twenty-two members of the European Parliament have sent a letter to the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers complaining about Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov’s permanent ban on public gay events and similar bans elsewhere in Russia.

The "Extremist" Agenda: Opposing Incentives To Abortion


RH Reality Check: We admit it. National Advocates for Pregnant Women opposes laws that create an incentive for women to terminate otherwise wanted pregnancies.

A Tortured Inheritance


NY Times: Nicholas Hughes’s mother, and mine, succumbed to the exhaustion of unrelenting depression. They self-destructed. And we grew up in the wreckage of their catastrophe.

Women's Hockey Wins Recognition

4/2/09 You don't have to probe too deeply to understand what the announcement from the Hockey Hall of Fame means to Cammi Granato and others who blazed the trail for women's hockey. Maybe it's purely symbolic and maybe it deflects attention from the other battles to be fought.

Gender Inequity


LA Times: It's the same unfair story every year: The men's tournament gets the fans' attention while the women's tournament plays in empty arenas.